Daemons with subtle energy

Over the past couple of months, I began Invoking and Evoking different Daemonic spirits I originally suspected that the energy emanating would be Hardcore and Fiery.
But oddly enough They feel more relaxing and subtle than angelic energy.
Examples of some of my Evocations.
Lucifer=Relaxing energy makes you sleepy very subtle
Belial=Relaxing energy makes you excited but also slightly sleepy
Beelzebuth=Relaxing and empowering makes you sleepy
Azazel=Intense but then subtle shortly after exposure then sleepy
Namaah=Very relaxing but she gave me a fever that lasted a week(was worth it tho lol)
Are these spirits (mostly Daemonic) Simply holding back their energy?
Why is it that they are holding back?


I’ve noticed this to over time to . it’s not that these spirits are burning brim stone horned beast that a lot of people describe them as. they are fallen angel key word angels who have rebelled against control and wanted freedom. Also they don’t want you to fear them or hate them so they try to be gentle and appeasing to you. Remember they have been hated by many for centuries brought down and shunned, so when they see some trying to comunicate with them they try to be as nice as possible and show their true colors.

sorry i went off on a rant it’s the blood moon it’s give me so much energy. but yes I noticed this to


also they hold back their energy because it would be to intense for a mortal body to handle it would kill you or make you pace the f*** out

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Lucifer came at me strong the first time and it was pure bliss. But if he gave any more it felt like my ear drums would rupture . Since then he has been very subtle but he is also very touchy feely. I like to feel him and know he is there and he will brush my face or touch behind my ear. Very subtle but enough that I know he’s near.


Likely so interaction woth their energies doesnt cause a spirtual “meltdown” with invocations ive noticed i can only absorb so much energy at any givin time regardless of the kind. At least untill i increase my capacity. Before that Usually was through energy work and ritual evocation of elements and planetary energies.

Kinda like when you go to increase you stamina so you can workout longer or increase your strength so you can life more. Its a gradual process, if you try to force it ya could end up snappin or tearing something. In this cause it can range from your brain,physical body gettin a “short” or emotional stability being disturbed. Like a etheric muscle tear that reverberates down to the mental, emotional andphysical.


This is something I’ve noticed too .Spirits can never be handled by a mortal body .They hold off their energy and try to be gentle if approached with respect .
With evocations its like they give off little energy at a time but just enough for the summoner .