Daemon Tarot

Im not sure where to drop this so Ima just drop it here…

I bought a deck of cards called Daemon Tarot by Ariana Osborne - I tried using them as tarot but that really didnt work form me - so i read the book that came with them - but i dont feel like using them as described - but i did use some of her descriptions that she used to describe the demons.

I sat with them in my living room in the dark do not use candles and stuff like that cause i get all weird wondering, damn am i using the right color that kinda shit … Anyway I picked up Az it was weird cause i dont know i just feel connected to him and this other one but i do not really want to say the name - anyway i took the card and stood up in the center of the room - and i just thought like what if (i know im retarded my bad) what if i could use the card like they do in sigil magick - in head it was like aight if Az was standing in front of me in body for like a physical everyday body form like literally not something conjured or anything - just standing there right in front of me and he tells me he is able to provide anything i want what would it be - so i thought and i was like dude but i dont want anything - i get want when i want so thats not gonna work - then i was like fuck it i remembered one of EAs Vids that talks about applying your practice on people who already came at you side ways - so i told Az to do something to this one chick that like deserves to be like done with - but obviously i wasnt trying to like delete her anything i wanted to see what could be done that was not like total delete on her.

I like warmed the card up in my hand and literally it was a gold light that was shinning bright like from inside me it was blinding me when i closed my eyes and i just pictured this chick getting like thrown around and i kinda felt the flinging around myself - i didnt picture like a specific thing attacking her for some reason i was just focused on her flinging back and forth with blood dripping - i dunno just did - and come to find out this week she was in a car accident - anyway what i was wondering is if I should burn the card to stop it or should i just leave it alone i dont know if it was a one time thing or should i keep fuckin with it like that - but i really like being able to use those cards like that. i think I should apply it to something different something else I already have in mind.

Has anybody here used these cards, if you could what do you think about them and how do you use them - i really want to see if anybody has input on how else i could possible use them.

i feel stupid posting this but i really am curious like if anybody has any ideas.

Holla’ ThanX


Degree do you get those cards

Thanks for the post. I just ordered them. I will let you know what I get when i get them. Until then have fun and keep us posted on your results. I’d love to hear of your experiences. The girl having an accident and your visions were quite a coincidence. Makes you think. I would not have much of a use for them in that (baneful) capacity but maybe for positive things for myself and others. As well as communication of course. Ritual. I will have to see how they work.

Awesome Nikki ! I sure will keep you posted - You have fun too when you get them. thanx for replying - I’ma try using them to enhance a few things I’ll see how it goes.

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Oh i can not wait for them to come!! It should be a few days. Did you do anything to them when you got them? Like consecrate dedicate or charge them? Because a forum about them said they had to be consecrated to charge or activate them. Idk. I mean i consecrate everything but. I was just wondering what you did with them…

I didn’t consecrate anything - I don’t know if other people would agree but to me if you touch something you already have a piece of your energy on it almost like a finger print so when you lock in on something to me I just feel like it’s nothing else there but me and whatever i’m working with/on. - honestly i’m not an expert or anything on any of this I just go with what I think or nagging feeling of doing - that’s why i’m wondering if what happened was a coincidence - but I guess if what you want to consecrate them then go for it - on your post you said you would probably use them for spirit communication and like a thought popped into my head I don’t know if it’s possible but i’ma give it a try - maybe you might know - I was thinking of pulling out a Daemon card and then using rider tarot to try to communicate - but again i’m just trying different things out with them. I dunno Ima have to come up with some questions tho’ lolz .

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I got the impression they could be used for things other than regular tarot cards. You said you felt the card carried the energy of who was on it. Like it was connected to that being. I believe they can be used as just that. To create a channel or connection between the user and the entity on the card. When i read about them it seemed the demons are indeed connected to their cards. Your results showed a correlation, but not necessarily a direct causation. But it is intriguing. More “tests” would have to prove the causation out but that is doable. I believe the cards can also be put on the altar with a spell to charge it. Much like tarot. I’d love meditate with one and see what happens. I think there are many possibilities and honestly i have not looked at other tarot decks the same way. I have many and they are scary accurate. But i just use them for divination and sometimes spellwork. I can not WAIT to get this deck in my hands!!


I just bought this today because I was drawn to it and came to this forum for some input as well. They definitely don’t read as tarot’s from the Major Arcana so the thought to use them as sigils came to me as well… so I looked here to see if someone was doing something similar.


I have them as well, as I use them representations of the entities I wish to contact, as significators in tarot readings using another deck, as well as a key to communication when meditating on one of the beings. It is a beautiful and powerful deck, to weave into rituals in all different ways.

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