Custom made LBRP that utilizes the entities already in your life and doesn't put any new ones in it?

Hi, is there any way to conduct a Custom made LBRP that utilizes the entities already in your life and doesn’t put any new ones in it?

It’s quite simple. Just modify it to be fitting the entities in your life.

Something that many seem to not know, you can use the LBRP even with entities which seem to “not fit”, ie. make it for christianity, judaism and so on. All that has to be done is switch the parts (like what is said or used) with parts belonging to the other belief system.

You can take any such version you may find most fitting and adjust it further.

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You can use any entities in the LBRP that fit the elemental correspondences of the cardinal directions.

I have personally used the standard archangels, demons, and the Justice League.


Now please consider this, before doing a swap like this though…

VK Jehannum created a Banishing Rite only using the different faces of Hekate, instead of a bunch different gods, so… yeah, it’s possible.

Adjust the entities with their cardinal directions (North, South, West, East) and the elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water) according to your spiritual practice and see if that works out.

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I agree. I am currently working on one that uses the four horsemen. It is a really malleable practice


Sounds like a great idea, The energy around you when the four Horsemen are standing right beside you would be very Interesting to stay the least!!!

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:eyes:was Wonder Woman as hot as she was when I was a kid?

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Wonder Woman is always hot :wink:


Nice. How’s that going?

So far, so good. It seems pretty potent

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I would assume that that’s like the spiritual version of ordering 10 milkshakes and 18 big macs after you just ate a popcorn bowl of chilli to yourself lol

Lol more like being an over charged battery actually