Custom Intranquility Spirt?

Okay, so I was doing some reading on compelling people and causing an obsession and I came across the Intranquility Spirts and their candle spells/prayers.

I know that these Spirits and spells are used for love/lust most often and most folks buy the candles and oils online.

So, here’s my thought on this. What if a person were able to tweak these Rites for things aside from love related tasks?

Could this type of spirit be used to cause the same obsessive compulsion in a target for goals aside from love? Baneful comes to mind.

Secondly, how would someone go about this? I initially thought of rewriting the prayer, switching candle colours and oils.

Would a person be able to contact say Death, or your interpretation of Death, or some Necromantic entity and ask for them to send an Intranquility Spirit after a target?

I’m not nearly as advanced in Evokation or Spirit work as many people here, so I’m just wanting some input :smirk: