Cursing in the day time?

I live with christians and the only time im home and theyre not is in the day time. I understand how the moon is important and we draw power from it but if i do spells in the daytime whether they be for love or hate then are they less effective than if they are done during witching hour?

They’re just as effective no matter what time it is, just cast at the time that suits you.

I dont think so. Its all about you and how you exicute your spells. Ive done spells during the day that were just as effective as ones fone at night. If your attentention and focus is gonna be sharper during the day than go for it . I like the mysteriousness of the night but that by nk means means they are better. Also try using the planetary hours to your advantage.

Best of Luck
~ arianna

Same here, waiting round isn’t always an option.

If you’re still dubious though, could you set an alarm to wake in the wee small hours when everyone’s asleep?

Creeping round in the night, while decent god-fearin’ folks dream sweet dreams of redemption, is an ancient tradition for us evil witches… :slight_smile:

That would be funny if you got caught creeping around at night by Godfearing christians…especially if one tried to Ward you with a crucifix while throwing Holy Water at you. I wonder, is that all Hollywood or do they still do stuff like that?

They do…They actually do…Talking by Experience

I once had a man stop me in the street for an impromptu exorcism, so yeah. … those lot are probably mad enough to do that.

Just tell him he is crazy. You should be doing plenty of spiritual warfare to weed the crazies out of Society. Then saving those with the Love of Lucifer that can be saved. (Not the Luciferian jesus version…Belial Lucifer)

You too? For me it was a Reiki Practionner :stuck_out_tongue: that tried to expel Nergal from me, lets say that the next time i saw that guys one week after that he told me that he didn’t sleeped for 6 day in a Row that Entity sended by Nergal where Attacking Him, Most Probably the Sebitti, And i never actually saw Him again, probably dead or something similar.

I agree i do most of my risks in broad daylight cuz i work nights


@Awalter666 id say you do risky rituals in broad daylight too! :slight_smile:

Haha only you would know ;p