Cursing disease carrying spirits?

What would potential consequences be of cursing the spirits that reign over diseases? Is it even theoretically let alone realistically possible?


Why would you want to curse a spirit?

You want to heal a disease?

Go with a spirit that can do it, rather than cursing another that causes it.

Banish the cause though, and take precautions.

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It’s my understanding that indigenous shamans around the globe would enter battle in the spirit worlds with the spirit of each disease they hope to be able to heal, defeat it, possibly ask it to reveal its secrets, and then either bind it to obey them, or otherwise get some power over it.

However the fact people have died throughout history in enormous numbers from diseases that could have been prevented just by boiling water or avoiding contact with blood, body waste, etc., leads me to not have much faith in the effectiveness of this method.

I’m pretty sure if some simple one-size-fits-all cure existed for disease, someone would have found it by now and the world would be a different place, with magick and not science the dominant methodology.

My preferred method is to ask the spirit of the disease in the afflicted person or animal what it wants, what lesson (if any) it carries, and what would make it be willing to leave, then try to remove it energetically and (this bit’s important) infill the area with healing energy.

I recently started working with the Archangel Raphael on things as well, but every situation has complex and deep-seated causes (even in animals) so I don’t think there’s a simple answer. But if anyone finds one, I hope they share! :slight_smile:

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Instead of cursing it, why not bring it under your command…? That way you can use it whenever you need to do baneful work, and make it leave and reverse the effects when you want healing…

If you are strictly looking to get rid of an illness, I second what Lady Eva said above. Also Marbas! He can literally engineer diseases, control them, devour any illness in your body, as well as pain… He’s worked wonders for me so far so maybe try bonding with him to learn more about how diseases work

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