Cursing and entire blood-line can stop people from being stupid

I stumbled upon something interesting a few years back and I wanted to ask if anyone else has had experience with this trick.

One of my favorite rituals to use is the Master Curse, where you speak to Shax, Sabnock, Raum, and then on the last days, Glasya-Labolas (and sometimes you can also add 3 extra days with Focalor).

I found this ritual is fantastic for forcing someone to introspect. Typically the sequence of these demons will force someone to face themselves, and suffer through the sheer weight of their own personal flaws, and how they caused all their own problems. Then again, if the person is a horrible individual, I have seen this result in death or grievous injury, always on the last day of the ritual. 2 people who have had this ritual completed on them have passed, and 3 were put in the hospital with one a heart attack, one with an sudden burst left ear-drum, and one a blood clot in the lung.

These demons are perfect for forced self improvement on the individual. I believe they work through cashing in a kind of spiritual karma. If you’re a cruel person, this deposits a little energy into your karmatic bank account, over your life, if you’re particularly monstrous, your bank has a hefty sum. Instead of dealing with the weight of your bounty after death, these demons cause you make a withdraw now in life, and how the energy effects the individual varies depending on the severity of your weight. The way I explain this to newbies, “If the person is Hitler, they will die. If they’re pretty much an okay person who wronged you, they might get some nightmares or something. This ritual wont cause a good person to die, and they’ll help good people become better.”

I heard once that negative energy can be passed down through energy stored in your DNA strands, and this explains why a family can repeat the same mistakes over and over again through the generations, almost like they’re possessed or cursed.

I discovered I can use this curse for stopping my friends from making horrible mistakes. I always ask for “the shards of /insert name here” to be cursed, shards being the spiritual fragments that are made by family members that stick to your dna (so, if your grandparents made a mistake, and you’re reliving that same disaster, this would be “shard possession”)

I also then curse their blood-line. So their parents, and then grandparents as well. I do this even if I don’t know the names or faces of the relatives. I ask for “the grandfather of /insert name here/”-for example, and then add on that their descendants deserve to be free of their influence. This still seems to work if the relatives are dead. This has done AMAZING things for the people I know. They become new people who love themselves, who can actually escape the grasp of negative family binds. The demons seem to appreciate it as well, as the clogged energy of long-built up family karma seems to be a delicious offering for them. If anyone else has tried it, or does try this, please tell me the results!


There is a music artist by the name Sicktanick who did a song called force of Destruction 2 in which he curses a family’s entire bloodline.

Every time that the song is replayed, it’s basically recasting the spell. It’s fairly ingenious. If you listen to the song, you might figure out some of the tricks that he used.

He’s very heavy into Thelema, but I’m sure you can adapt it for your own uses.