Cursing abusive/evil parents

Has anyone ever cursed their own parents? Or just one parent?

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If they’re “abusive/evil” then they are likely already under a curse. What exactly are you asking though? Do you wanna know if cursing your kin is possible? It’s no different than cursing anyone else.

Just don’t be stupid and use sympathetic links because you are your parents. It would also be wise if you didn’t live with them because you don’t wanna get hit with your own shit since energy spreads.

If by curse you meant “karma”, probably yes. I don’t feel sorry for them or any pity though, because they are selfish and heartless.
Probably only someone that has had an abusive parent will be able to relate to this.
I have not tried baneful magick yet. I’d like to make sure it’s not a trap, if you curse family members, even if they are as horrible as they are.


I’ve never had abusive parents apart from a repressive Christian background that delayed my ascent for years (but also made me stronger, ironically). I have a feeling that your parents are more abusive than mine.

I would advice to take things from a rational perspective. Do you really get something cursing them? Or is it just a desire of revenge? Personally, I don’t have much of a taste for revenge unless it is extremely necessary so I wouldn’t advice it just for an emotional “relief”, but it is your choice

The best thing to do with an abusive parent is to move out asap and get away and limit contact.

In answer to your question, yes. I hexed the hell out of a Step father who was abusive to me as a youngster for years (psychologically)

He was an abusive Bully to kids in general and my Mother enabled him. He is near death now after 18 months of suffering :wink::skull_and_crossbones:

I am a grown adult now in my 30’s but he was needing some payback and he was starting again on other youngsters so fuck him