Cursing a dead person

Do you think is possible?

What’s the point? It wouldn’t work the same way. The end goals would be different.

What effect are you looking for?


I don’t see the point either. The fact that they are not alive, I think, is bad enough.


Yes for sure! Have you ever thought of the possibility of a family member speding her/his life thinking of a dead parents as an obsessive way? A wife that did not accept her husband death…and spent her whole life thiking of it… all of this obssessive load of energy… This is vampirism. And The spirits is going to feel this energy. You can bank on it!

My suggestion is dont fuck with the dead. Dont curse them. Try something positive to fix the situation. There are spirits that care for the dead, maybe speak to one of them before you curse?


It’s a crime in many countries like the philippines to speak Ill of the dead. I think it definitely crosses a line in the sand. The dead are gone to the other side weep for yourself…

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Yes, I think that’s possible.
One can do it really easily: in my case, I always curse when I happen to speak of my country’s ‘quislings’. That’s all. I don’t do any rituals related to them just because they do not deserve my time.
I believe my words reach their souls in not-so-good states, and so their dirty souls are tormented every time I speak of them.
They would’ve gotten scratchy ears now, as their chronic diseases…

I just came here to emphasize that OP is simply asking if it is possible. They expressed no desire to actually do it. Anyway, we have people who literally use magick to kill other people, and I don’t think it’s anyone’s responsibility to hold the hands of our fellow forum members and tell them what they should or shouldn’t do.


Probably, depending on what your goal is, but it is not something I have found valuable enough to test myself. If I curse someone, it is because of something that was done while they were alive. I just don’t see the point in driving the nail further if they have already been kicked off the plane that seems to be desirable for many spirits.

Why wait, when you can break them when there alive and actually find pleasure in watching it happen.

Personal opion🤔

I prefer to to destroy their souls beforehand to impact them when they die.

You could always trap their souls (if you believe in souls) in a cute little jar :smirk:

@Anareta you need to elaborate if you want a usable response. I did a similar thing last night.

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