Cursing a childhood abuser

I am wondering if anyone has experience or advice about something like this. I have become drawn to magick really because of things I felt were an injustice to me in my childhood.

I have tried to talk about it with my relatives who I felt safe confronting for the roles they played, and just get brushed off by them.

There are still some things I have not been able to accept, I know this is not the kind of forum for that type of subject. (Some things that happened were crimes.)

But I would like any information about what could help me to be able to let go or heal? I have never thought about learning about black magick because I thought it was bad. But I feel like I am not able to heal seeing people acting like nothing ever happened.

Is something that happened a long time ago still a reason to curse someone?


Hugs and healling. Know that the family may do an about face and claim you never told them. Remember that is their shit… now has a child i recall cursing them and saying i would be satisfied at hearing their death, that was notthe cause. I wantedto have my own hands around their heart.
Shadowmancy and alot of work on yourself is needed… and a demon may very well orchestrate this if you do not start it. For your own evolution. Look up healing and shadowmancy… its dark its nasty and its needed. Sometimes thrash needs to be left rotting… unless they are ruining another life then call out the BALG demons…


Thank you so much for saying this information :slight_smile: I will look into shadowmancy and healing now.

I am finding it hard to let go of the past and feel so stuck.


I cannot say this was why I was drawn to whatever ‘this’ is, but man, does that thought cross my mind often.

Not to sound like some douche-canoe cliche, but nobody can answer that but you.

In my own experience I have taken magickal action to hurt people that I perceive as having hurt me as a kid. My own conclusion? It did not make me feel better, at least where my own self-worth is concerned. Sometimes I wonder, if had I done it with a ball-peen hammer, would I not feel more satisfied? I have other things going for me now so I can only speculate, otherwise I would be risking a severe violation of self-respect and self-worth gained through freedom and experience.

By all means, if someone is a righteous asshole and has hurt you, fuck them up magickally.

BUT, IMO, the resolution for how your own experiences have effected you will only come from working on and with the SELF.

You can put out every fire on the Earth and it will never make a difference as long as your mind keeps lighting fires.


Thank you Woodsman, I agree with your comment about not being satisfied with getting back at them, and I have my suspicions that it wouldn’t help me move on.

Do you have a way of working with the SELF you recommend?

I am still new at magick but I really want to see if it can help me. I have done a lot to try to help myself already, like conventional ways. Getting help, therapy and spirituality, and it did help a lot. But it didn’t help as much as I thought it would.

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Look buddy, to heal you have to do a LOT of Meditation and purifying work. If it is 100% successful then you won’t even mind, almost forget that some injustice even happened to you. And only getting rid of traumas won’t do the work, One has to cope with things like ’ Absence of justice ’ 'Nature of existence as evil or certainly not benevolent ’ etc philosophical stuff and it can change your core being.

I am very no ’ baneful magick ’ guy but recently in a fit of rage was on the verge of doing something Very few can even imagine, to someone COMPLETELY innocent cuz for A moment I thought If there is EVIL then why not just spread it randomly.

Remember justice is not only for the sake of justice, it is for the victim to feel peace, And it can be gotten with just mastering your inner demons.

If still you are not satisfied then you can always use baneful magick to kill them. People die everyday, most don’t even make into statistics. Just be sure it doesn’t haunt U in your later days and you are not making another innocent ’ Lurk ’ in killing that guy taking away food from the plate of those who are dependent on that motherfucker.


Like the others said, Healing is your friend here.

Prince Marbas, Archangel Raphael and a few other deities can help heal you. I’ve heard of Shadow work and it’s benefits so perhaps you’d wanna try that.

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Thanks Goku, I have always been against baneful magic too but have been reading that for some people it does bring them peace, which is very appealing if you ask me. Although I do also think there is some possibility I could feel bad about it afterwards, down the line.

I will do more purification and think about what you mentioned, the absence of justice, and nature of existence as evil.

Is there a kind of meditation you recommend? I have done sitting meditation almost daily for 9 years now, and it has definitely changed my ability to be more contemplative. But I still find it hard to get quiet enough. It hasn’t done much with helping me with trauma… I had actually had it all repressed and suppressed until a few years ago.

Thanks Twilight_Dragon, I’ve asked Raphael before for help with health problems but haven’t found this archangel too helpful for me in healing emotional problems.

Also haven’t done anything magickal with archangels until just a few days ago. I am hoping I could have more “interaction” with them this way.

I’m curious about Prince Marbas, I haven’t read anything about demons until very recently also :slight_smile:

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I forgot to mention that Archangel Azrael can help lay your past to rest.

What I’ve heard about Prince Marbas is that he makes you confront your past in order to heal from it.

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I’ll be blunt. Sometimes in order to heal, we have to kick. We have to scream. We have to get our anger out. And for a sorcerer, sometimes we have to curse.

Standing up to the tyrants of our lives is something no one has to justify. Its ultimately up to you what you choose to do. We all have a battle we must face. In the end what you should do, is follow the path with heart and fight that battle like it’s your last day on Earth.


Thanks Twilight_Dragon, I’ll read up on Archangel Azrael. Thanks for your information.

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I do hope that you heal well!


Thank you… I need people to be blunt sometimes. It helped me a lot what you wrote, Mr. Vulture, it speaks to me. I appreciate it a lot. I feel that way and am tired of people in my life telling me I have to forgive.

I do not know how to curse a person yet, with magick but I want to learn.

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If that’s what you want I can teach you.


I’ve been thinking about it. I just don’t know if it is ok to punish someone who hurt me a long time ago.

I tried to see if I can send you a message but it does not have an option on the forum.

I do want to know more though.

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As a survivor of many childhood crimes, personally I feel yes it’s ok. I don’t know about you, but I was a child and they were not. They knew what they were doing was wrong and did it anyway.

I did all I could to move past it and it didn’t work. Only wiping them off the planet will make me feel better. I checked on each one and not one of them has changed for the better. I even found out some horrifying things I didn’t know before about EVERY SINGLE ONE. As long as they are here. they will continue to hurt others. I have the knowledge and power to end their reigns of terror. And I will. Because no one else did.

Just remember YOU are the one who has to live with what you do or don’t do. The inaction of other people allowed you to be hurt. Can you live with it if you do nothing and they hurt someone else? Your healing won’t stop them from hurting other people.

By the way, the one person who is already dead is the one whose actions who no longer haunt me. I know from that the deaths of the others will bring me peace.

Feel free to message me if you like or I can message you.


Hi @NewToThis26 can you please message me.