Curses and bad luck

I’m wondering if any one else here has had this experience. I’ve cursed a lot of scumbags in my life. Typically, before I follow through on a contract and deal with a terrible human, I use curses to ensure that I succeed and that the person in question is not ready for my team. It’s like stacking a deck to ensure that my Brothers get home in one piece. However, I’ve noticed a backlash…

Every time I do a curse or baneful magick I gain really bad luck after the fact. The mission and orders will go smoothly. So far, knock on wood…we’ve always made it home. In large part thanks to Belial, The Morrigan, and Abaddon. My team Doesn’t know of what I do to ensure good luck for us and atrocities for whom ever we need to deal with. But, terrible things seem to happen when I get back home. I’ve come home to find family members have passed away. I’ve found out that friends gained inexplicable disease. This last mission, I came home to find that we’re being evicted and may end up homeless in spite of having plenty of money. With that, I’m working with Mammon to ensure that my wife and I don’t end up homeless/ She’s disabled and couldn’t live in a car. But that’s a different story. I may get into that at a later point.

The reason I’m bringing this up is because I’m hoping for advice on getting around the bad luck and the backlash. I swear that those I deal with deserve what happens. At least as far as I know. Belial hasn’t adivsed me otherwise. But the backlash is really hard to deal with. I don’t want to take a contract that seems justified only to find out that the universe decided to create more chaos in my life, It happens to often.

Any advise to get around backlash, bad luck, bad Karma, Ect.?


This is my pet theory, but do a cord cutting on yourself afterwards. I noticed that when people I observed dud emotionally charged workings, there was a cord between them and the working. Try a cord cutting between you and the working.


Have you ever tried lesser banishing ritual of pentagram?

Try cleansing the area (where you did the working) with Florida water.

Banishing is very important. Try taking a bath with hyssop. Visualize yourself getting rid of all negative energies.

Sit in a quiet room and visualize your aura in orange colour for at least 2 hours. This basically cancels any kind if hoodoo magic.

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Try uncrossing spells


I think the same thing is happening to me too.

Have you ever regretted or thought that this person doesnt deserve this much?

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I´m gonna take a look at this one. Thank you for sharing :slight_smile:

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No. I won’t speak too much on it for the sake of ambiguity. Let’s just say that I made an arrogant dummkopf lose something they don’t deserve. Don’t worry, my magic didn’t harm or kill anyone.

That is why you are getting backfired.

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You don’t understand, this person was setting a bad example to everyone.

Isnt this german word meaning fool?

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Wish I’d a known this for my most recent disaster :roll_eyes:

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Haven’t really talked about it, myself. I noticed someone else cast something and I wanted to check on it. That’s how I noticed the thread back to them.


It’s kinda like on the one hand, I got results! On the other hand- I was unfortunately a part of the results :grimacing:
No biggie- I’m getting ready to fire again and this time I’ll both cut chords like you said and ill protect a little better…

Alot Better…

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If you do notice them and are willing to share (something, say, their existence), that may help further things.

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@eyeofhorus I haven’t read Damon Brand’s books in awhile. He has some good material though. I’ll have to read up

@Norse900 That is a good point. Cord cutting could help. When I do ritual work I try to generate as much relevant emotion as possible. So like with love spells, I become all warm and fuzzy and loving, With curses I muster up a ton of rage, apathy, anger ect. For luck spells I create confidence.

@Ornias I actually use the LBRP on an almost daily basis.I love the ritual. My wife does the same all the time. Florida water is awesome. There is a store right down the street that sells it.
I haven’t taken a bathe with Hyssop before.
That would be an excellent idea. The aura visualization is an awesome idea as well.
Also I’ll have to try the Ronove ritual. It sounds interesting.
I do have many regrets, yes. I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I’m not without my fair share of sins and regrets. I suppose that could create strings and magical repercussions. I’ve come to peace with my actions for the most part though and I would say most of my actions, magic or otherwise are justified.