Curse victim defense thesis

Hi guys,

Idk if it is right but I almost always ask the one whom I intend to curse his reasons to mean to me. Who knows… he/she might had some reason that I was not aware of…

Last one. I put infront of him all the evidences for his numerous lies and thefts. And I asked why. No answer except some bulshit that had nothing to do with my specific question. So he was rewarded with my humble “Be damned” in his face. His defense thesis - let me tell you something that you MUST remember. If being betrayed, a good person just smiles and walks away. You are mean because you’re cursing me instead of walking away from me with a smile. You’re made of hatred and that’s why I don’t regret any of my actions towards you.

Interesting, don’t you think… A traitor tought me how wrong and mean I was for not smiling at his lies and thefts… What do you think he deserves?


Lately I’m “against” death curses, reason is that a death curse, is me being too nice no matter the way they died. I prefer a life lasting suffering, to lose everything they’ve build and everything they will try to build: money, relationships, fame, happiness, name it. Being miserable. Try it.


@Anassa I already did it😊 Noooooo, no death spells. Why give him the comfort of death. On the contrary. Let him live more than 100 years in misery. Thanks for your thoughts and I’m glad we’re on the same page.


I could hardly read everything you said

Exactly, exactly. Death curses hurt the family and friends, who may be nice and sensitive people. You never know. Torturing works better.


His response is just code for: Be my doormat! It’s what you’re supposed to do!

I think you should’ve told him that a good person tries to help people as best they can. Your cursing is meant to help him realize that people should be treated with respect and common decency. Happy cursing, lol.


I think he gave you good advice. Few things can be as unnerving as a smile :slightly_smiling_face:

And if you’re just looking for revenge, I find few things to be as satisfying as making someone suffer in the way they made me suffer (leave it to the spirits, they’ll take care of it). Sometimes they learn their lesson, sometimes they don’t, either way, I smile :slightly_smiling_face: