Curse to teach someone a lesson?

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I’d rather not go into too many details, but a person has done some pretty shitty things to me, and she wasn’t willing to own up to it when confronted, half denying it and half treating it like she thought it was hilarious. No empathy for the situation at all. Basically, I want a curse that’ll direct these actions back to her so that it happens to her over and over again until she develops some empathy for the situation, whether that takes once or twice or an entire lifetime.

I’ve worked out parts of the curse for the most part, but is there anything other than intent that I can do or use to like…lift the curse once she has learned her lesson?


Have you looked into NAP (New Avatar Power)? Try the Astral Bomb Attack, which you can call off. You can also state exactly what you want to have happen. Do it as #4 in the post below and in 5&6 you can say what you want to happen.