Curse to take away an enemy's ability to have pleasure?

Let’s say that you have a girlfriend, but she cheats on you with another guy. Would there be a way to take away the ability for who she’s cheating with to feel any sort of pleasure at all, maybe even give him erectile dysfunction, where not even porn could and viagra would do much if at all?
Would there also be a sort of curse to stop her from having any sort of pleasure ever again as well?

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What you are describing do exists. Kind of. It is called anhedonia and it is a mental health issue. It has degrees. Sadly, I’ve suffered it in my life. You’re asking for a BIG FUCKING NIGHTMARE well beyond of what it sounds.

I’m not judging you, I’m just telling you so you’re sure of what this means. You’re fucking up someone’s life to the point life has no meaning at all and living and dying are all the same, without being suicidal. This curse will make this person kind of drag themselves from one day to the other.

Also… no, it most likely can’t work forever. Eventually, most people can kick it off to some point. And, be sure, if there is any way your target has protections/seeks help, well, you’re in for a rude awakening, since you don’t want this happening to you.


Well by “pleasure,” I am referring to sexual pleasure because this would be used if a lover was cheating in a closed relationship.

No. There is no spell to take away someone’s sexual pleasure. At best, you could possibly cause a psychological block leading to frigidity, but you would need to attack their mind, not their body, and it may not manifest as expected.

However, there are plenty of spells available to cause impotence. In fact, it is a traditional spell in witchcraft, to take away someone’s manhood for being unfaithful.

None are permanent though.


I have more than one recipe to make that come true, if you like, I can give it to you… But, remember Karma, she will give you whatever you give to the world (human beings).

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Why would you do that to him? Maybe he doesn’t know that she has a boyfriend.

anyway, there is a voodoo spell I have seen that makes people have extreme pain instead of pleasure

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There are frigidity spells that exist in addition to making sex unpleasant or even impossible, but as far as totally removing the feeling of sexual pleasure and making the person asexual is possible! I work a lot with the human brain in my magic and very few wizards do it, yet it is the magic rituals that cause the most damage and the most powerful that I know and that I affectionate particularly, but I had to work on it really very very long and even today, to find a good ritual is targeted what I want caused to my target and it can go to big autoimmune disease etc…and, it is very easy to block a wizard so that he can no longer visualize and therefore, block his practice of meditation and astral travel and other. Very dangerous magic.

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Yes, both are possible. The former of the two, is very commonly used in Vodoun and hoodoo. It’s called taking away someones nature. As for causing some to have no pleasure, you could go the psychological rout and give them anhedonia. Any spirit that can manipulate emotions can do that. If you want the working to be permanent, simply ask that the spirit continue to hound the person for the rest of there short miserable life. As for physically frying out someone’s nerves so they can’t feel sensation talk to Marbas. He can control the mechanics of someone’s body, and cause or cure some pretty fucking awful conditions.

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Hiya OP! There is a way to take away an enemy’s pleasure more permanently, though, it’s rather brutal. In the lighter-hearted iterations, it involves sending fire ant demons into the genitals of enemies to melt and corrode their reproductive organs, for example! :slight_smile:

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You could do a curse to take away their pleasure in bed…or just wait. People tend to behave in patterns. It is very likely he will end up on the other end of the shoe, sooner or later. A little magic could help to encourage the behavior if you find it worth investing your energy into it