Curse through electronics?

Man. I don’t know where to begin. All of us involved in magick are a bit nutty to begin with. I accept that. But this question is a bit out there. A few years ago (6), I hired a Santeria witch to bring back an ex gf. According to her, it didn’t work because of my negativity and lack of faith. That may be true. Or she could have just been a fraud. Regardless, I told her that I would call the police if she did not pay back a certain amount of what I had paid her. She agreed and paid it back in payments. However, I strongly suspect she continues to curse me. For the last 2 years I have been receiving a variety of phone calls from the state where this occurred. I intuit that she is somehow spying (or cursing ) me through this method. Anybody heard of such a thing?


Can you change your number/block calls from that state?

Get some protections loaded on your phone as well, things on it or near it if it’s a landline, images and stuff on a smartphone, maybe a sticker or Runic charm, inside the back of the case where no-one will see it.

You could also look into general reversal methods, E.A. has one on his channel and there’s plenty on the forum.

Don’t dismiss it out of hand, that’s ignoring your intuition, which is normie-tier activity and why they say “I KNEW I shouldn’t have taken that shortcut!” after radioactive mutant alligators bite their legs off. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Some people are really pissy and petty, and it’s entirely likely you hurt this character’s feelings.