Curse Target

Then perhaps your magick may require more work so you can do this “intense spell” (I mean no insult). Another thought that came across your mind is the fact that maybe you should just let go? It sounds like you’ve been working on this for some time and if that’s the case, you should pick your battles and realize what is and isn’t worth your time. If you’re trying to move what happened with this woman, you should begin detaching yourself from her and just let it go. Perhaps this is a reason why the results you want are not happening. (IMHO)


Yes. You’re absolutely right. I just cant find it in me to let go. It kills me every day and every night. Perhaps asking the demons for help on this front may work.

The best artists are unheard of because they burn their art or destroy it after and forget it ever existed. when creating works of art it is 100% a physical representation of manifesting ones thoughts into reality. Those artist might have absolutely no attachment to the work once it is manifested. Also as @chi said you may want to let go (it is called baneful magick for a reason though). You say she made you waste your time and energy yet you waste time and energy still. love is blinding and it hurts much.

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Semper ad meliora :wink:

It’s the worst feeling to love such a monster. My rational mind knows exactly what she is and how little time she is worth. But love is a two sided coin and the other side is hate and I also feel that to a great extent!

I understand that but if he keeps putting time and energy into something that isn’t working, he’s not really get anywhere. And by forgetting I don’t just mean her but he also needs help in forgetting the ritual he does. He said he’s obsessed with her and what he wants to happen but that can create a block, ya know?

Right exactly forget the work he does after he does it like a brilliant hermit painter would, and also maybe it isnt worth continued time and energy.

Something else I forgot to mention… she believes I’m the monster for neglecting her and it pisses me off to no end

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She even called my father and convinced him of it, putting my family against me until I told him everything else she didnt mention about the cheating and the using

Thats very controlling thats a hard cycle to break

ask for help in forgetting the ritual and if they say they can’t help you with that and/or they don’t want to- it may be time to let things go. I can’t curse this lady for you but best of luck.


Thank you, chi

The best non magickal advice i could give would be to be the best person you can be, out grow her to no end while she is caught in her own cycle of negativity to no end. Then one day she will see how great youve become without her and will probably realize she really sucks

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I know that is the clearest and most righteous path to take.

Baneful magic is the next alternative though does not need to be mutually exclusive.

The last alternative and the most juvenile is all the times she cheated on her new boyfriend with me and all the texts shes sent to me that would crush him if he found out. I didnt mention that. And I don’t want to take this path.

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Never love anything so much you cannot see it die.

No.6 of the 21 Satanic Points (Order of Nine Angles)



Both within ritual and metaphorically through letting go. The former I have done, but the latter I just cant seem to

yo … i’ve tried doing sigil magic from feb this year
and I’ve tried various demon even I use local shaman
but nothing works
in the end I tried to open my sense using Belial’s Gateway Symbols
and every time I remember about her… I always imagine was sweeping my room to throw out the memory junk that ever existed
and then there was some sign that my petition was filed … but still far from my wish …
so i think that my obsession disturbed the work of magic …

right now I’m still struggling to get rid of the obsession …
but it’s much better than before so i think you have to forgive your self first to
there a few thing that may can help you
Make people do anything you want - Manipulation Layered Spell


Thanks brutha. I’m gonna check out the layered spell.

It’s so awful, man, it kills me every second of everyday thinking of her with that dude and her making me think I’m the bad guy. Fuck no!!! In my head its just not justice if she gets away with this shit

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Im really understand your feelings … all the memories, all the songs even when in my office really can not focus,
even now it’s dangerous for me to drive, because sometimes I’m distracted about that feeling and i hit somebody car …

but you ( me too ) have to fight against those negative feelings … it’s enough that you sacrifice for them … do not make you lose more …
do not waste your energy again for them
try to heal … and when the time is right … we can always strike back …

good luck :+1:


Pro tip - you can use the manipulation layered spell on yourself as well, to get over feelings and thoughts you don’t want.

But, research into it so you don’t go in blind.