Curse someone?

So I’m wondering if there’s a curse any of you guys know or a demon I can work with, to destroy someone’s life. Maybe not as drastic as causing them to die, but definitely destroy their life in a short period of time
I’m not very experienced yet, so any tips can help

What did the person do, with that info it helps to deal a specific spirit out to them.
There are a lot of curses on the site.

Though there are a few in my past I won’t mind dropping a plague on them and their descendants. So let’s all pool curse info.
I have Summoning Set-Typhon to Destroy Ones Enemies.

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I’ve been stranded in fights by her when she was supposed to be there for me, humiliated multiple times, bullied and just basically have always been on a low since I met her and it’s destroyed my mentality horribly. I just kind of want to destroy hers too to the limit

So you don’t want her dead, just to get what goes around?

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nah I don’t want her dead, I want her to suffer but not be able to die, you know what I mean?

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Can’t find an introduce yourself on the intro thread for you poland - BALG forum rules - your post doesn’t seem to have any context.