Curse Removal

I was told 2 months ago that a woman on my father’s side of my family put a curse on me as a young child…but they couldn’t see who exactly the person was. I want to know who was responsible so I can return the curse back to them tenfold. I’ve tried to do it on my own, but due to my background, I feel like I’m going up against a giant. I don’t want to curse anyone but my life has been a horrific mess as the result of the curse and if I find out who did it, payback will be in the works. I’m so ready to send a few demons after this person because why would someone curse a baby? I need to know how to find out WHO was responsible so I can put an end to this 35 year long issue.


You may wanna focus first on removing said curse if this is the case. Look into a 7 day uncrossing ritual. You can find the details for them easily enough through an online search.


From my experience of being cursed, hexed etc. I find it doesn’t really matter if you know who the practitioner/s are as any baneful magic will create a astral connection to them anyway & you just need to follow that back to return it. Also checking out this practitioner astrally would be a good idea as it may give you clues to why it’s happening. Information is power.
But failing that, I would suggest a binding ritual (or uncrossing) but if that doesn’t work you may need to appeal to a higher power to teach you how to remove it. Personally speaking, I would suggest Lucifer as he obviously has enough ‘punch’ to deal with this, he will show you the way to remove it. Most important thing is, stay strong & don’t give into the fear of what a curse can do. Fear is their cornerstone, Who would curse a baby? A toxic A*** hole! Very best of luck with removing it.


First step i would do is the uncrossing rituals already suggested. After that a return to sender spell of some sort. Mirror boxes work wonders, and I’ve had great results with Ishmaelta from the mastering evocation course, which actually caused a car accident for the target.
Then immediately focus on protection magick, I would recommend a witch’s jar. there’s a ton of ways to make those if you search online, find a method that rings with you :slight_smile:


At this point, I’m ready to unleash pure vengeance on everyone that was responsible. I seek vengeance because only a truly twisted individual would curse a child for no reason other than to inflict pain on the mother. I have no idea who it was that did this to me…but when I find out who it is…Imma make sure they never do it to anyone else. Due to the extent of the curse, I’m asking Lucifer to help because many have tried to remove it but were unsuccessful. I don’t live alone so my ability to perform any type of magick (other than candle magick) has been very limited. Certain rituals I cannot do because I wouldn’t be able to hide my supplies without being questioned.


I know how the whole having to hide things works, it complicate things but the work around for this would be crystals. good ones for this would be black tormalline, citrine, hematite, there’s a bunch. it’s good to build a good defense before going on the war path. Jewelry can be charged and servitors / spirits bound to.

since you can do candle magick. make or buy fiery wall of protection, might help you out :slight_smile:

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Hello any suggestions will help me I was told that I have a curse on me and recently everything has been going wrong continues to go wrong no matter what I try. I went to the store to buy some sage and I turn on the little white candle and prayed and I’ve always loved crystals so I have them in my hand when I said a prayer but nothing seems to work is there any suggestions out there how to remove this curse.

Thank you


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You won’t have to do anything else to them because it will send what was put on you back to the person who did it (the video explains what to do if you don’t know who it is).

Protect yourself after.


Try an uncrossing bath, I did one for 7 days and reverse to sender, but I have to keep doing because it helps me maintain it from getting to me. It was an ex who practices this and introduced me to the left hand path.

I had a curse placed on my as a child also but when I got a reiki attunement it was cancelled so you can try that. Good luck!

What is a good way to do complete cleansing? Something that removes curses, parasites, entities ect?

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