Curse of Tamerlane

Hey. I posted some time ago that some people decided to go against me because i took revenge against a member of their bloodline. They tried again but thanks to my reversal magick all is good. It looks like they wont stop, meaning i will have to destroy them once and for all soon. I meditated on it and a ritual was revaled to me. i will write the ritual below and would like to get your feedback on it. If you think its good and useful feel free to use it, its yours.


1: gather links to your enemies, a full name of each enemy written on the piece of paper will do. take 4 black candles each set on a diffirent cardinal direction a light them (its just for ilumination of the area and centering), make 7 clay figures on the spot and put links to the targets inside ( one each)
2: Take needles, nails and or pins and pierce all of their chakras and release your rage and hatred while doing it Before you do it name your enemy and proclaim somethink simple as “i pierce your chakras and inflict you with every possible pain/misfortune”
3. After you have done this to every enemy you wish to destroy, bind their limbs with black and red yarn so they will be unable to move and safe themselves.Do it to each figure so you imobilise them spiritually. After that bind them all together with a wire preferebly containing steel. when you do this say the following:
“Pater noster qui es in Abysus,I (your name or magickal name), give you the offering of my enemies(name each and single one of them by their full name), so you will make them suffer, disable them and kill them. In nomine Satan, omnipotentis et in nomine Antichristus et in virtute Falsus Vates.
4. Say anothe incantation, the following: Azazel my guardian, Azazel my shield, I /your name or magickal name) am in mortal danger from my (mortal/arch) enemies, protect me Azazel, destroy and disable my enemies (name each and single one of the again), Kill them, each and single one of them! Alash tad alash tal ashtu, alash tad alash tal ashtu. alash tad alash tal ashtu.
5. After that is done put them in a box ( the box must bare the sigil of azazel) and proclaim: I (your name or magickal name) am your bane/doom, i am your burier ( the person that puts dead in the grave, i dont know the correct wornd in english), because you wanted to kill me I disabled you, destroyed you and buried you. By the powers of darkness so it is done.”
6. Burry the box as soon as able, preferably immediately and forget about it.
7. Forget about it, relax and go on with your life in well deserved and hopefully in permanent peace.

What do you guys think? I would be very grateful for your feedback.


The ritual was enspired by rituals of EA Koetting. The reason I named it after Tamerlane is because he was a bloodthirsty ruler, possibly one of the most evil and capable warrior kings in history.

He certainely was a means F’r. i wouldl love him and his entire clan to take up residence in the house of people who are constantly hassling me and my wife-[who is on paliative care as it is]. So i am working not so much to kill them, but make them pray for death— but never see it.

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Feel free to do it. Just turn their names into a sigil if they are related or something along those lines and make just one clay doll for everybody. Thats an updated version.

I just picked up porcupine needles from a road kill this morning