Curse of sobriety

So since i didnt find anything along these lines here already figured id post the outline this lil bit of skullduggery.

Its pretty straight forword.
If you can get sympathetic link to the target all the better.

Banish from the targets life all states of their prefered state of stupor along with all associated items needed for them to get to this state, be it drink, grass, or ze nastier stuff.

Next you BIND THEM to sobriety, purity, clarity, reason, mindfulness and any other state you associate with that would rebel targets desired substance.

Set time frame for spell walk away from ritual and enjoy. :japanese_ogre:

Did this on a buddy of mind when he decided to be an ass and i warned him i would curse him sober for a week, he thought i was joking when i wasnt :expressionless: i only set it to last a week but he learned the lesson after :rofl: was pissed as fuck when it finnaly clicked in his head what was happening.
My reply to his anger sober induced rant.
I warned you :stuck_out_tongue: not my fault you didnt listen LMAO


Back in the first half of the 1990s I and two other Magicians were doing sigil work. One meeting none of us could workout what last week’s sigil had been about, none of us had any results. Then we consulted and discovered it had been to stop drug use, which it had. I was drinking a lot at that time and yet for a week just didn’t (although I still used nicotine and caffeine but didn’t think of these as drugs when the sigil was designed). Same with the other two Magicians. It’s things like that which prove Magick.



Hi! How does the curse of sobriety work? How is it done?

Basically it is a binding of earth and saturn inflicting the target with the “blessing of sobriety” which repels the substance of choice of the afflicted and spikes their tolerance to insane levels from what i could tell. At least this was what he described happened to me. I was annoyed at a friend and whipped it up on impulse to make a point :joy: i had keyed it to last from moon day to moon day so one week. I just whipped it up and forgot about it till he came howling at me to reverse it when ye found out he couldn’t get high.

I used a mix of pentagram and hexagram formulas at the time.

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I didn’t have access to ceremonial tools at the time so i went with raw energies and used my body as my tool kit basically. For a random rituals i whipped up when i was angry it worked out better than i had expected :joy: