Curse of Demonic Whispers

Here’s a curse, a download of gnosis from Satanachia.

Two weeks ago: evoked Satanachia for his methods of cursing, or his secrets to harm another. He gave me a “weapon” that isn’t what you think. It’s your own hand. Explain later.

I then evoked Astarte one week later. She came in a red dress. I asked why my curses weren’t having a strong effect. She didn’t say a word, in fact my inner vision of her faded. I was beyond furious. She then spoke to me internally, which I immediately doubted, but it was the key:

“Magick is no different than science or numbers is math, or spirits are humans, or the world is space. But it is deeper. Much more complicated, but so much simpler.”

I began to get horny. Now why? In your body lies TWO ESSENTIAL AND MAIN/KEY ENERGIES: Yang Chi and Yin Chi. Yang chi lies in your roots in your bottom half. I also began to punch the surrounding trees.

It was the the yang chi that empowers force and damage, change. I grabbed my hormones by the balls, no punt intended, and my anger which originated from these lower points. You can have a literal feeling that buzzes, or maybe just causes stimulations.

Squeeze your stomach in and breathe in while holding your breath. Bring the yang chi to your hands, and watch them mold over, they grow yellow and tan and white. Like grey and old. With this, grey sharp fingernails grow. (THIS IS SATANACHIAS METHOD but what was needed was a surge of energy which Astarte showed me). Your hand is now a death machine. Imagine your victim and claw your way into their being.

Tested, works. Now anytime you want to curse you can simply remember how that yang chi felt, and just call on it again even if you aren’t super angry.

Satanchia, the worrier and boar of pestilence.


I’m curious, what were the results?

Is it necessary to have some kind of connection with these entities? Also, they look very wise.


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Thanks, but to strength it I’m also gonna experiment working and meditating with Satanachia and Astarte

If you are successful with this, you, and others, can use it on big names in politics, and military, evil dictators in high positions. Then the world would be a safer place.

Exactly. You can. It takes enough energy surge at one time. The only reason highly influential people are harder to influence us because the thousands and millions of individuals who give life force to that individual daily. Through TV, praise, etc.

However, they are no better than anybody else, no stronger. With enough energy surge at one time, it can override it all.

Just focus dark grey, black energy on the people sending energy, visualize it attaching to the target, then attack, might work. Need to be clairvoyant to see it. Psionic equipment with the targets picture and a sending picture with some sort of negative energy might work as well. But i might be complicating things

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