Curse - Is it this the guy or a willing Demon

I saw this movie and it hasn’t got very high rates but I really liked it and it was scary enough. So a tip for all of you.
Now they say that this is a true story. He wrote the curse on paper and spoke it out before he died. So did a Demon pick it up or can a spirit be this powerful after death?


Very interesting! I think a powerful curse can be done by his spirit after death if he was innocent.

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Could just be that his own energy was enough and he didn’t need a demon.

Cool story.

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Seems legit. Although the people with leukemia most likely already had leukemia.

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Deathbed Curses are supposedly the most potent. Which makes sense if you consider that unattachment after the curse is laid is a massive part of making it effective. And you can’t get much more unattached than dead.


Very interesting, I was searching his name on this forum and it didn’t came up. While the curse on Demon house was discussed a while ago on here. Indeed the subject got me interested. Many thanks for your replies guys and girls.