Curse Help for a Complete Unknown?

Hey Everyone,

I checked the search to see if there was anything on this subject but couldn’t find an example close to what I need, if I didn’t look hard enough please lemme know.

Some asshole(s) somehow got into my personal card and spend almost 600 on adidas shit (that fact it’s fucking adidas clothing is what’s the most insulting lmao) Now don’t worry, I’m getting my money back and everything is safe again, but I want that asshole(s) to pay. Yet I know absolutely nothing about them. Don’t know if they have connections to me, don’t know if they’re just some hacker, don’t know if it’s one person, a small group, a large group etc. etc.

I have the curses, that’s no problem, but I’m stumped on how to send it, where to, what to. I want this fucker to suffer. Theft and anonymous targeting really get to me, I have no patience nor mercy for cowards.

Any help would be very much appreciated, sending help, special curses, anything. My Thanks!

If you are using an entity, like Andromalius, for example, who deals with thieves, then you should be able to simply say, “the person or persons who stole from me,” and the spirit should be able to find them.


Oh awesome, thank you! I’ll look into Andromalius in the search bar. Do you know of other resources that cover him as well?

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The Goetia.

Also @anon88243269 can help as she has stated that she works with Andromalius.


Very happy to help and lead others to Andromalius. He has worked with me for the past couple of months and the results are powerful. If you need help PM me for ritual and full details


Yes! he is ruthless and will not stop until he finds out everything and then he passes it on to Andras and Azazel (for me anyway) He basically stopped my Stalker and dropped his stalkers by proxy in 6 weeks. Stalker now in jail for drug offenses and his pals, well one did die. I am not exaggerating either.


i evoked Andromalius during my Challenge of the 72, and he came across as a fine gentleman. I liked him :slight_smile:


Very honourable and dignified and trustworthy. Even when things were bad, before they got better, I told him I trusted him and he appreciated it. Anyway, feel free to PM me and we can put something together to get this money back asap.


Thank you both for your help on this!


I know this is an old post but would you be able to help me with contacting Andromallius? Im a newbie but I need to stop this evil vengeful homewrecker that destroyed my family as I was just giving birth who’s maliciously gaslighted me and mocked me and my child and laughed at us while appearing an angel to my ex and his family and no one believing me about her true evil for years and I need to expose her and stop her from marrying my Childs father before its too late, she has wreaked havoc on my life for the last 4 years and does not stop taunting me and getting off on causing me pain.

The person you are replying to has left the forum. Anytime you see a profile that says “anon” followed by a number, it means the person has closed their account.


ok thanks for letting me know