Curse for narcissistic guy at work

I want to curse a guy from work with whom I have slept once and he dumped me. He is consistently slandering me at work and tries to get me fired. He badmouths me. And people follow his lead because he is good looking and popular.
I have already quit one job out of the two that we were working together because I was getting depressed with all the emotional pressure he was putting on me and the drama he was causing. He even prevented a new guy dating me telling him lies. I am now in difficulty paying my bills and rent.
Recently he is trying to make me quit the other job too because they hired a new girl and he wants me out of the picture so she doesnt feel jealous or insecure.
This situation has been going on for almost a year. I live in a small town so the impact of his actions is massive.
I did 5 attempts to ask him to stop messing with my work and have been proven fruitless and couple of them had me in tears feeling rejected and used and hopeless. Now he is getting more serious in his attacks and told me that to escape I have to quit my job.

I must have known this guy from a previous lifetime because I felt familiar with him since the first time I saw him and a deep love. It wasnt sexual attraction. That came suddenly out of nowhere after the first time i rejected him. I suspect he put a spell on me. Weird accidents had happened to me while he was staring at me angrily. For example holding an empty glass and for no reason breaking in my hands.

I am really angry with him and I want him to get him humbled and destroy his ego. I want him to lose his looks and popularity. I want him to get unemployed and rejected too by all women he fancies. I want all the bad things he did to me reversed into him.


Call on Andras and ruin his entire life


Is there any method to protect my spell from breaking by another occultist? I suspect his mother is into these things and I want to block her interfering with my curse

Cloaking yourself

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What a jerk!!! Try doing a shut up spell before you do any other spell. Or specifically a curse that makes him quiet forever.


My opinion is to try first to secure your job and clear negative thoughts, (I’m against curses that ruin people’s lives except in some extreme cases), then call on a spirit\deity that can bring something very bad to him and pleasurable to you, (you said he is good looking), what about ruining his face and make people lose their respect towards him


I will search to find methods for that
Thank you.

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I am working on that with Damon Brands book to silence him.

I have used from the Angel’s of Wrath the spell to get him ugly. He only got a bad haircut that he is still trying to outgrow. He is an a hole to lots of people but he is always forgiven due to his looks. Even straight men suck up to him because they want to be associated to his status.

call on a demon to make it, imagine him falling infront of your feet and getting a permanent scar HOW PLEASURABLE

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I really want him to lose the job and lose all the girls including the one at work.
I also want him to be tortured because he doesnt stop attacking me and he led me on.
He told me that he doesnt care if I am depressed and if I ever think about killing myself then that’s my problem. He made fun of me not being close to my mother too and that after her death I will be alone with no family because I am childless and my dad is no longer alive.
He is evil.

I want his teeth broken. I guess I have to improvise

It’s called a slap in the face :grin:

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are u a beginner in magic? can you here spirits?

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So a death curse?

Oooh call on marbas and make him ugly or even catch a deadly disease too!


Oh no haha. One guy did something like that and the guy got mouth cancer and became super depressed, he just stopped talking. He actually did die a year later… but idk if death isn’t an intention then don’t add it in! :smiley:

I did that to one of my enemies. She got depressed (idk why that’s such a theme), but she stopped calling. Now she’s just quiet. I made her mind empty and dark so thoughts don’t „come to light“ and she’s too tired/depressed to act on them.


That’s kinda fucked up my dude. I try not to talk about the baneful stuff I do, don’t want to put that stuff out there, not that I do much to begin with.

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I dont want him dead. I want him alive and suffering all the things he put me through.

Hahahahaha I really liked that hahhaha