Curiousity over Satan


This is just my curiosity over Satan.

A couple of months ago, I had a dream where a man had given me a dark blue flower, I had never meet this man nor knew who this man was. At the time I was experimenting on shifting (? I’m not sure if that’s the right word or evocation could be called for that too) to meet Asmodeus and his other brothers.

Days after that, I had dreamed that I was in a forest wearing a pink dress, sleeping with the man who I later found out was Satan (who looked like to me was the Satan based on obey me as it’s also a game that my cousin and I play as well).

I had contact with Satan a few more times and had this weird dream of a previous life I had met this man and fell on love and had a family with. The dream came when I started to talk and worked with Satan. I asked him about it and he said that him and I could have possibly been together in a previous life of mine, the fact that Satan’s presences has been very active throughout my life (such as the many times I felt this weird sense of comfort or attraction towards his name and one of my family member being a healer in the Philippines and had encountered Satan a few times)

I also remember once as a child when I was being healed by another healer saying that I had “ties” to demons or that I was “attracing” them

Are demons like Satan capable of Love? Or I’m just in quarantine for too long?

Thank you for listening to me and thank you in advance

Edit: forgot to add that I had a dream where I was being married to this unknown man, who told me to wear a black dress and I remember my grandmother screaming and crying to my family that this wedding would be a funeral as I’m not marrying a prince but a demon


Who is Satan?

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Satan is a demon

Seems like Satan really likes you :smiley:

Yes, I believe he’s capable of love

The highest of the ranks of demons?

Second to Lucifer probably

Yes. The answer to this is absolutely yes. Demons (made a negative word by… surprise Catholics…) is just another word for spirits. And they are completely capable of love.

You seem to have a (pretty strong) connection to Satan. I’d go explore it some more.

I don’t think Satan is an entity but an archetype. Probably a mask of Lucifer.


I’ve worked with Satan, they’re different