Curious Inquiry

Any BALG Forum users out there happen to live in Anchorage, AK?
There is no serious occult type group here. I’ve found and attended a few wiccan/pagan groups but they’re mostly bogus. I want to start my own group. I’m people hunting now.

If no members of BALG live in your area I suggest starting a page advertising your desire to start an occult group. Post the link on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc and see who shows up. Good luck!

I will definitely expand my outreach… Meetup costs money :confused:


Fwiw I have paid several thousands of pounds (English) over the years to train, more to cover group workings when I was into that stuff, so you have to decide what it’s worth to you.

Any old scummy junkie can find money for their habit, they’re the most motivated people on earth to get liquid cash to fund their passion - you don’t have to rob old people to get your “fix” of this stuff, but do please carefully consider where it fits for you in your priority list, and budget accordingly.