Curious about wish granting spirits

So i was digging around last night looking into Spirits or Entities that can grant wishes & saw it mentioned a couple times about Lilith being able to grant wishes the individual was saying besides God Lilith would be the oldest known Entity able to Grant wishes. I started to dig around to try and find more info about this and wanted to post see what others know about Lilith and if this is true that she can grant wishes. Also I have heard of a Chenor but there’s hardly anything about this Spirit so feel like Chenor is made up and was wondering if this is Any mention of this Entity in any Grimoire’s and also is there any wish Granting Spirits,Eneties or Deities that you’re aware of that grant wishes? besides Jinn, i just started research into the Jinn kings so don’t want to turn to the Jinn yet for wishes.


Technically, doesn’t every spirit “grant wishes?”

I mean, that is why we summon them in the first place, isn’t it? :thinking:


I’m not as familiar with this aspect of Lilith but the angels/watchers Kokobiel and Boel are also known for wish granting. Spirits of Mercury aid in granting “impossible” things.

Taking DarkestKnight into consideration I suppose it depends on how you view wishes, magic, and impossibility, also.


I mean, why summon demons if we don’t have a wish that needs fulfilling…


Yeah that IS kind of why we do it right …

I know what you said about not being interested in djinns but I gotta say my third mentor was great at channeling and being a medium. He had this AWESOME Marid ( won’t name names), this spirit would tell your past present and future, grant wishes ( occasionally) and tell stories with double meanings and test you with riddles ( usually before granting your wish) Marids and the Djinn in general are WAY COOL. :sunglasses:

Is that a wish that really serves you for lots of decades and vibrates with you? Than Chenor is your best choice


After some research i believe Chenor was a Servator someone tried to give more power too & that he would not be helpful to a person besides the creator, i believe a group of individuals Created a list of Servator’s they created and tried to give them more power by bringing them into the culture Chenor is one of these and i don’t think he would be Helpful to anyone besides the People that created him unless by now he is entwined with our culture enough to be progress pass a Servator and gain more life in the sense that it became something else. But i don’t believe chenor has achieved that and is still at the personal Servator Level. But besides that i have decided to try and work with Lilith and also i wish not to work with Jinn out of the fact i don’t feel as educated on Jinn and some can be more unpredictable with there outcomes.

Can you tell me more about these two spirits?
Are these two that are engraved on the second pentacle of mercury?

Can this thread be revived by anyone who has experience with the entity Chenor ?! Please it’ll be of great help

@Kindraathe has experience with Duke Chenor,

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Hi I have extensive experience with him. What do you need?

Hi there,

So what exact kinda wish grantor is he and what is the trade off with him?

Any specific details one must keep in mind while calling him? Also is he only good for adept practitioners?

What type of wishes you desire?

Literally every inter-dimensional being that mankind has ever made contact with since the very beginning is capable of granting “WISHES

It all comes down to what exactly you are seeking

-Sexual Powers & Options?
-Your own imaginary reality???

Whatever it is you desire, there are entity(es) who can assist bring your wildest dreams to life - you have to be clear about what it is you desire tho