Curing Sterility In Women

Definition : Sterility is the incapability of reproduction.

  1. What type of energy can help curing Sterility In women ?

  2. Can spirits help to cure Sterility ?

“Can spirits/magick do X?” is pretty useless (no offence!) - it depends on cause.

If she’s sterile because she has no ovaries, best bet is find a spirit to get a suitable egg donor. If it’s due to early menopause, ask for help getting her hormones back in good order. If it’s some other chemical thing, that may be easier, if it’s obstructed fallopian tubes, try for healing or money to get that fixed. Etc.

But there’s no point getting her pipes fixed if she’s 80 and had her ovaries out 40 years ago, if you see what I mean. The remedy is determined by the nature of the problem.

What I’m getting at is, study the Kybalion - the Principle of Cause & Effect.

Everything that exisdts is the Effect of a specific prior Cause. Find the cause (magick can also help here) and then treat that.

And you can, still, cast your net wide to begin with, work for her to become a mother without knowing any details, but be ready for that to present the cause at some point, so you can start working on the effects, by intentionally causing something new to begin happening. :+1:


I appreciate your honesty.

Actually this is the situation I’m asking for.
Here the cause is that she have passed the age of pregnancy. So in other words, she is theoretically a sterile women.

Okay, so she needs to have some kind of spiritual energy which can start her hormones working again as though she was younger, there may also be herbal remedies which can help with this.

If she still has her ovaries, in theory this should be possible.

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Anything is possible through sorcery. Reverse the aging process for one. Ask Amaterasu to help you redirect energy from the sun towards that end and ask Set what can be done about the rest. There may also be an ancient Egyptian technique the elites used in the pyramids for reversing the aging process known as “perfect sleep” I somehow doubt that means merely getting your 8-9 hours of shut eye…

When I am better at evocation I intend to inquire more on the subject. Set, Thoth and maybe Ra may know…

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Well, they can’t cure the uncurable. But, they can help if you’re having issues that can be built upon. I recommend you talk to Mother Unsere! She’s absolutely amazing. She is the Empress of Life Birth Fertility and Sorcery. All around an amazing demoness and she will be able to guide you. :green_heart: