Cultural Conditioning (For beginner mages)

I’ve been doing some thinking, about the left hand path " darkness " and the right hand path " light or " false light " or whatever . This duality really stems from how society shaped us since birth. TV and society taught us at a young age to fear what we don’t know and can’t see or understand. To confirm to illusionary norms, and see everything dark and black as sickly , immoral and evil. Also, to accept all rainbows and see everything that is bright and white as pure , clean and holy without question. It’s hard to even think otherwise, right? I bet you’re thinking how can white light cause me to get sick or bring about negative emotion or how can anything black be a good thing? How could angels use negative energy and destroy and how in the hell could demons bring about positive energy and happyness ? It’s nothing but perspective. The dark and the light need balance like the night and day, there is no such thing is duality, everything is equally balanced out to create objectionable harmony . Neither side is objectionably positive or negative , because true divine beings do not recognize these concepts, for they are human concepts.

For example , the archangel Michael is very known throughout this community as being a born of the “light”, which is seen to be a peaceful, positive and protective. While Michael’s light is very capable of these attributes, he is more known to dominant the opposition, creating hurricanes and natural disasters. An average Joe would see this as a demonic trait , but that is because Joe is mislead . It’s just intent and perspective.

Another example is the “demon” , Lucifer. Through the centuries, Lucifer has been seen as the cause behind the evil of the world. Morning Star , who “fell” from grace and put evil on Earth. But we know , especially in this community that Lucifer is the exact opposite of these claims. Through multiple testimonies we see that he is and always will be the teacher and friend of man, with the ability of the dark and the light and light of awareness.

I challenge all readers and beginner mages to take off your label and transcend a LHP magician or RHP. Experiment and experience. The only thing that can harm you is you . Become balanced .

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