Cultivating The Magickal Imagination - Beginner Meditations

As promised, here is a video explaining the preliminary meditations for cultivating a magickal imagination.
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. In my opinion - this is one of the most important sets of meditations to really get down aside from the usual void and focus meditations.
I’ve only personally come across references to ‘The Magickal Imagination’ in a very few books, and fewer still have methods for developing this. Among these methods NONE of them have explained any step by step method to develop the imagination. Many of these steps are steps I had to develop myself to get from point A to point B. So much of what you hear in this video and the next one (which will be coming soon) are practices I’ve had to discover and or design myself. Unfortunately I have not found anything to date which has set out any step by step format for cultivation such as this.

Cultivating The Magickal Imagination

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DK…you are my hero…how did you get Nicholas Cage to make this video?

Uncle Fester

[quote=“Maxx, post:2, topic:517”]DK…you are my hero…how did you get Nicholas Cage to make this video?

Uncle Fester[/quote]
Lol … Dude,
When my head is shaved its either vin diesel or that other dude … Can’t remember his name. Then Nicholas Cage is fairly common … Javier Bardem, let’s see … Michael Richards, uh, I’ve heard Chino Moreno,on my good days ill get Clooney. Static x guy, ummm man, the list goes on.
I think my face is just so generic that it gets a lot of matches. Heh. l
Personally, I don’t see it, but I hear it enough that I guess there’s something there … shrugs but seriously, you can just call me Kramer :D. hehe

then I bet your wife gets tired of you sliding into the front door ninety miles an hour…but, anyway…great video and I went along and began to use the info as you broadcast it out into infinity…thanks for your effort. We look forward to the next one…but do not get Liberace to do it…his suit is too bright…and you might care to get that bottom slat on that window blind and make it completely horitzontal and level…for those of us with problems…lol. And turn all your books around so we can see all the titles you are reading…ha…and zoom in closer on them…(You need a new producer to create these videos for you…lol…)

But you are still my hero.

Uncle Fester

Ahahaha :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Dk for taking the time and effort to do this.

Thanks Dk for taking the time and effort to do this.[/quote]

You are quite welcome :slight_smile:

I really enjoyed this, besides being useful and informative, it is a great reminder that there are people behind the avatars :slight_smile:

thank you DK for thinking of us lvl1 starting mages

you abandoned your King Solomon look… may i get to the point of picturing you with hair clearly!

Excellent video, DK! It really helped me to understand the progression from normal to magickal imagination. I’ve been delving into the same kinds of development of attention via W.W.Atkinson’s(Yogi Ramacharaka)instructions. Studying of simple objects just as you expounded upon. Great method for retaining detail and exercising the mind and sharpening concentration. It also, as a side benefit definitely stimulates the mind and helps to see how interconnected things are through ideas, thoughts, product manufacturing and the cleverness of it’s processes. I’m glad you put out this vid. Very helpful. Thankyou.

DK, thank you for taking the time to do this very, very helpful video! Much respect!

Excellent vid. This is what Ive been looking for.
Thanks DK.

You’re absolutely welcome :slight_smile: