CULT CLASSICS 1: Kingdoms Of Flame | Behind The Book

As part of his Cult Classics: The Complete Works of E.A. Koetting, I arranged that E.A. and J.S. Garrett sit together and do a retrospective chat on every one of his books — called Behind the Book. In my opinion, his grimoires provide historical precedents in magick and deserve extensive discussion with author himself. As such, you may view first one below now — and will receive a new one every two weeks or so.

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A secret society initiates a child prodigy magician to decode a mysterious Skeleton Cipher. Can you unlock the cryptic magick squares to summon forth secret angels and demons from Regnum Spiritus? Inspired by a true story of E.A. Koetting. Order Kingdoms of Flame by E.A. now.

00:03:28 - Initiation Through Grimoire
00:09:39 - Astral Gate to Regnum Spiritus
00:16:08 - A Hidden Secret Behind These Sigils & Squares
00:18:17 - Methsan & Demons With Modern Uses
00:23:04 - An Author Who Actually Performs His Magick
00:30:29 - Fatherhood & Underground Life
00:37:34 - “The Announcer” Reveals Houses of Spirits
00:41:33 - Emergence of the Demonic Gatekeepers
00:47:03 - Did I Discover Spirits or Birth Egregores?
00:51:03 - Where I Innovate Past Aleister Crowley
01:09:54 - Channelling Incantations in an Alien Tongue
01:13:52 - Transmogrification & Amnesia on Film
01:23:35 - Confirmation from the Afterlife
01:28:15 - Unlock my Kingdoms of Flame


Awesome! One of my favourite books!