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I was gifted some crystals in a class they are pretty and all but have any of you found truth in the whole crystal beliefs or not so much? Just curious to hear your opinions!

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No clue what this refers to but i have had some interesting results with mineral,metal and plant spirits.


It’s not about beliefs. Quartz crystals are used in technology because they have the capacity to store energy and information. As The Kybalion says, to quote loosely, nothing rests. All things vibrate. Matter is energy vibrating at different speeds, which determines its density and texture/appearance. Crystals are matter, and therefore crystals are energy, and consequently crystals have a vibration.
The vibration of a thing affects other things around it. Different crystals have different vibrations, and thus affect their surroundings differently. Crystals are unique though, in that they can store energy from external sources. You can put energy into them, or extract energy from them. Also, because like attracts like, crystals are useful in sympathetic magick. This is a generalization. A quantum physicist or a trained shaman could problem give greater detail. The point is, there is science behind it. However, the influence of crystals is subtle, and I wouldn’t count on an amethyst to cure cancer.


THank you for the info!

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Hey man it might not be able to cure it but it DEFINITELY can make you feel all good inside. IMO that’s the most important thing about crystals whether they work or not people BELIEVE they work so they work. I have had some really good experiences and bad ones with quartz my mentor filled one with so much hate it legitimately started to crack.

But crystals whether proven effective or not they can do a Job really well especially in the hands of a say, Reikie practitioner

I hope I didn’t ramble to much and made sense


They blow up astral string, making it harder to attack, find your local crystal witch (has to have a crystal on every bookshelf to count), then do something to up your energy before you visit to feel what they can do. Once your sure you like clearing string switch to the alchemal crystal … take some aluminum(can is fine), use a file to create swirl grooves in the surface to break the aluminum surface crystals, then add Mercurochrome to create a Mercury Crystal surface matrix, creates cutting string, so be careful.

Substance of which crystal is made is same both in the astral realm and the physical realm. That’s why it us so potent.

Keep it as u may learn to utilize it later. Specially in healing related works.

Try to get ur hands on a crystal called ‘Selenite’ its one of the strongest ones out there

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I love crystals