I started energy vampirism a little while ago and would like to use a crystal to clean the energy. Anyone know any good websites where you can buy real crystals? Ty

I’d say support your local businesses first and foremost. You get to know the owners of those shops and over time you can even haggle with them for screamin’ good deals. I’m at that point now, I’m gonna reach out to my neighborhood metaphysical shop and ask for $15 off a Black Amethyst I’ve been eyeballin the last few months. It’s not like anyone else wants it, otherwise it would already be sold.

I bought my massive creedite stone from a seller based out of Paris, and the stones origin was the Navidad Mine in Mexico. So thats uncomfortable, not sure Im allowed to elborate why so Ill leave it at that.

What stones are you interested in? Some of 'em are easier to get than others and are unlikely to have been fabricated by anything aside from our Mother Earth.


Quartz mainly purchased some off of etsy but i think there fake

They’re too clear?

I had one like that. I ended up shit canning it. Found out later certain types of quartz crystal are really clear. Forgot what region of the world had super clear quartz crystals but theres a couple ways you can test your quartz crystals.

You could dowse with a pendulum to see, or get some thin copper wire & some pliers. Get a black tourmaline stone, wrap it really tight with the wire, and then your questionable quartz crystal wrap them together as tight as you can. Then stick 'em in a glass bowl & place 'em by your bluetooth speaker or TV or computer or by your phone at night. If its real quartz the water will be funky in a week or so.

edit don’t drink the water ofc.

I got mine off etsy