Crystals: Questions and Suggestions (NOT a reading!)

Hi everyone,

Some of you might be curious about crystals or have never considered using them in your practice before. I’ve had great success using crystals simply as assistants to everyday life, and I incorporate them in various ways in spell work to help set intention and provide energy.

Cleansing crystals, especially new ones is very important. The safest ways this can be done are by smudging them, allowing them to sit out in moonlight, burying them in the earth overnight, and performing a cleansing meditation. It is also important that you set intentions with your crystals. Researching what they are good at helping with and choosing a purpose for them will allow them to adjust to your energy fields; think of them like microchips for your energy or aura: you have all this current flowing through you, and they direct some of it in a very organic way to suit your intention. I think one of the best things about crystals is that they are never going to hurt to use, and they’ll never work against your magic, provided you take care of them by cleansing them. Once a month is usually what people suggest, and this can put you on the moon’s schedule, though I find that the amount of necessary cleansing varies much per crystal.

Crystals are found to be utilized in ancient civilizations across the world for purposes of protection, ceremony, meditation, healing, spirit work, and even status. Their power and beauty stand out among many tools of spiritual practices. They are so versatile and helpful that having just one around at all times is going to have a positive impact.

I wanted to open up this topic to answer questions people have about crystals or to hear comments. I don’t believe it is against the rules if I offer suggestions of crystals if people would like to ask me for any! Just offer a little bit of information about what you are trying to do or deal with, and I’ll do my best to help!

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No, it is not against the rules to share knowledge. However, we do have a rule against the offering any sort of magick ritual, group work, or readings until a member has been active for at least 90 days though and this includes in PM.

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