Crystals for defensive Magic

I am trying to find a crystal or two that I can attach to my staff that would be good for the fences magic as a staff I have I’ve made the top is made for defensive purposes and I want a crystal or two I can add to it to add in what energy for any would-be attacker using Magic against me as I already have the physical properties on here for self-defense but I’d like to add Magic properties with energy for defense


Besides clear quartz what would you suggest adding and the reason why


Tourmaline is a highly defensive and protective stone. It has been called the “master protector”. Garnet is also quite good for protection and carries a warmer energy than tourmaline.


I completely agree with LaStrega on black tourmaline. It’s an excellent sponge for negative energy, so it will absorb a lot of the negativity which in my experience fuels backlash and opposing curses/hexes.

I still imagine you would want a second crystal for more well-rounded protection, and the one that springs to mind is Iceland spar calcite. It’s going to take whatever it is you need protection from and just refract it. It’s a pretty versatile crystal too as a generally strong energy source and even a catalyst for an invisibility spell I once found. It’s going to work in similar ways that clear quartz might but maybe just a bit more practical (or fun!) in this application.

If you don’t like this suggestion, let me know a little more about what you’re envisioning and I’ll try my best to help!


A very powerful and a highly protective crystal:Selenite
Another one is eye of Tiger


Black Tourmaline. I know it’s not anything new, but this is just me adding kindling to that fire. It’s amazing. IT’s protective properties are as grounding as earth and black as an impenetrable shield of shadow. It’s interesting, since black is also considered to be the color of grounding/protection.


Another vote for black tourmaline. It’s fantastic at all around protection. Black tourmaline transmutes negative energy into positive energy, instead of just absorbing it or sending it back out into the Universe.

Other good stones are smoky quartz and black obsidian. You can actually get black obsidian in the shape of arrowheads


Don’t forget to charge the crystals…
Also hematite… With a thurisaz rune on it


i like this one thank you and i am going to look for em i have black tourmaline i was just gifted

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i am planning on buying some soon

i mainly charge by building a fire to use its energy with mine

Personally I am a fan of black obsidian, black tourmaline, malachite and labradorite. Most of these have been mentioned already but I hope it helps.