Crystal Head Vodka




I just finished a batch of fluid condenser.
I boiled down three hand fulls of chamomile flowers,
put three caps of colloidal gold in it,
about 1/5 of a pint of ever clear,
2cc’s of blood,
and 1 full load of ejaculate.

And dude - this shit almost glows by itself. It has an aura, it’s powerful, I’ve only used it a few times and it does it’s job better than anything I’ve ever used before. So, if you go the fluid condenser route - do the advanced fluid condenser from IIH - it’s off the hook.


I was just going to ask you about fluid condensor recipes after the servitor post and here it is! Man colloidal gold is expensive, but hey if its needed its needed…Blood…I cant use my own its sealed in! Does it have to be my blood?


Oh and once its brewed up does it need to be left for a certain period of time, or have any ritual work done on it as such…My intuition would suggest drawing energy into myself with the Invocation of omnipotence then transferring that energy into the condensor, possibly with the same intent as needed for the working it is to be used for, i.e the same reason I would be creating the servitor that I will be putting it in to…


yeah, it’s pretty much ready to go. Definitely worth charging it. The point though, is that it contains ingredients that have a massive natural energy flow to them in the first place, and can hold a massive amount of extra energy. You wouldn’t want to set it apart for any specific use until you use it. Just take a small part, energize it for the purpose, and use it.
I hear it helps extremely well to put it on the parchment for sigils before use and letting it dry. Smearing it on a mirror for scrying is one thing Bardon recommended as well.