Crystal growing for unnatural devices

well i had an idea. since it is possible to make synthetic crystals,and possible to turn them different colors by putting food dye into the solution.

then it should be possible to grow a crystal with a touch of human blood mixed into the solution,coat it with a plastic like polyurethane,making an unnatural (not made by natural process) crystal that firstly,has a powerful link to the practitioner,and also some of there power.

cant help myself,I’m a bit of a crafts nut.and if I can use it to further my eclectic,then all the better.

the only thing is I cant seem to find a crystal growing set that doesn’t make a hygroscopic crystal. I’m interested in making a permanent one,while I’m not above using polyurethane,id like some suggestions for crystal growing kits,as given the apparent ubiquity of these things for science projects I cant possibly be the only one with this idea


Well it is hard to do, because to grow crystals you need a solution, so non-water solution would be very hard to do because you need high temperature to do them.

But. If you have a workshop, arc welder, graphite rods and melting pot, and aluminum oxide, you can make yourself a synthetic corundum, the mineral that creates ruby crystal body. Addition of blood would made it in yellow color. If you want the step-by-step method there is video on youtube: How To Make Synthetic Ruby In The Workshop - YouTube

I see also that the same guy have a video how to make rubies in microwave :rofl:
I also like to craft suff by myself, so with time I will do this.


You can also make orgonite with your own blood in the resin mixture for a similar effect.


pine resin, francincense, and myrhh are supposed to dissolve in alcohol, but not in water. I havent tested it yet.

there is slso cellulose. it doesnt dissolve in water or alcohol. needs some serious chemicals to dissolve it

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now there is an interesting idea. i hadn’t thought of using dissolved incense.

my idea for mixing blood into the resin is to first charge it with a hatred meditation. well more so hatred +intent. so that way the object will repulse nature energy

again I appreciate the brilliant suggestion. now the only thing is what incense to meld in. I’m thinking perhaps a sprinkling of dragon’s blood to start

palo santo and frankinsence are for cleansing. I guess that is the opposite of what you want to do.

ah. i know its confusing but i like to put it like this:

if one uses a practise where hatred and negative energies are less like emotions and more like a food source,an object that repulses energy that would cleanse hatred normally,would be a cleansing for the practitioner

ergo,flip the idea of cleansing on it’s head,where negative energies are used to cleanse an area of natural energy

maybe an unbalanced orgonite? If you put crystals with conflicting energies in the same orgonite, you can create a bizarre energy that is unhealthy to keep in your house (maybe keep it in a hole in the ground when you are not using it)

pyramid and tetrahedron shapes collect negative energy. no pyramid shape orgonite should be used for healing… bad juju

or have a vampire take all the good energy so that only the bad energy is left.

I want to learn how to make an orgonite for baneful magic too, but I haven’t started thinking about it yet. I’ve been going down the rabbit hole of orgonite for healing. 🥸

very good, thats a novel approach,using conflicting crystals and materials to undo the balance. one of my favorite quotes emphasizes my modus operandi

“we are explorers,in the furthest regions of human experience,demons to some,and angels to others”

i want to reach beyond nature. but nature abhors a vacuum as it were,so creating a negative/disruptive energy mass i think is the only way to get past the natural energys

a great example of the spirit of this venture is how prometheus stole fire from the gods and gave it to humanity,doing something unnatural to give humans everywhere a better life and to do whats right

I made an Orgone pyramid for Belial, with a stone scorpion, smoky quarts, his sigil, jade, crushed rose quarts, and amethyst. Belial took it.