Crystal ball

Hey am planning on getting a new crystal ball for my scrying. Which one is most recommended for scrying. Share your experience and views. Thanks.

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Well crystal balls are expensive no matter what size you get if you get the real thing. Genuine crystal, with no other added glass or minerals can cost as much as $200 for a small 3-4" ball while you can get the same size ball made partially of glass for around $40-60. Although, finding a pure crystal ball with no glass added in is really hard so you will most likely end up with a ball that is made of like 70% glass and 30% crystal, give or take. So look for one that does not have any cracks or air bubbles inside as these things can impede any visions you receive.

Something as small as an 8mm air bubble can end up distorting during your visuals and looking like an object that is part of your vision when it’s really just a defect of the ball itself. So look for balls with little to no flaws in the glass, make sure the surface is shiny and reflective, do not buy a ball with a matte finish or dull outer surface. The more reflective the better. As for colors, stick with either clear or solid black. They make black crystal balls that are not made of that expensive Obsidian stuff, instead they are made of a mixture of black glass with either Onyx or black Agate which are much more affordable and work just as well. I would avoid the balls that come in other colors like red, green, purple, etc. as those seem to impede the clearness of your visions because those are not made of colored gemstones or crystal, those are made of colored glass and only cost more because of the fancy colors, not because of quality.

If money is an issue for you, a 2" ball will do just fine. But stay away from pure glass balls, make sure the one you choose has at least 20% crystal content or more as crystal is a natural energy conductor which attracts spirits to your ball while scrying.

Does this mean Obsidian crystal is good?

I found a 2" obsidian ball for 20 euro, i just finished bathing it in a full moon, works great .

Oh yes, Obsidian is excellent. Highly sought after by magicians for scrying. They make black mirrors out of them too, but the reason I suggested an alternative is because they can get costly. I have seen on occasion a large ball made of pure obsidian that was about 6" in diameter and they usually go for $450 up to $1,400 each. Even a small 2" ball can cost you $89 or more so what Uru found for 20 euros was a very lucky find and not likely to happen for everyone, but maybe if you check some thrift shops that specialize in oddities or paranormal goods, or even metaphysical shops that also carry antiques, you might find one for a reasonable price.

Yeah it didn’t come for ages and i thought i got ripped off because they were sold out very quick too but after many emails complaining i got it three weeks later. Yes s soon as you start looking around at palm mirrors and balls above 4 inches it gets into sixty English pounds up to 200 and more on the English crystal sites.

Which site do I go to to purchase it then? I need a site that ships internationally. Cos I reside in Nigeria.

This site ships worldwide and it looks like they have come down on the price of their crystal balls significantly over the last year or so, But the prices are not bad at all. They used to include a generic clear plastic stand with the balls and a storage box, looks like they don’t do that anymore which is probably why the price is lower now. I called them once because they don’t go into major detail about the balls but they said unless the listing says the ball is made of pure glass or something else, then all clear balls had a mixture of glass and crystal as I mentioned on my previous post. But they also sell stands for the balls starting at $2.95 USD.

Give them a try. They are very friendly suppliers and I know they accept many different forms of currency. Also, for peace of mind, their shipment packaging does not say anything about magick on it, no occult symbols, for those who order and need to remain very secretive.

So which size of crystal ball or scrying mirror will be perfect for spirit evocation? I want to buy something from the obsidian family.

Ball 4 to 6 inches (10-15 cm)

Mirror 12 inches (30 cm)

I was thinking of buying 8 inches of scrying mirror.

My intuition is guiding me to pick the black obsidian scrying mirror for my evocation. For now the highest am seeing is 8 inches at Azuregreen. Please what’s your suggestions? How good are obsidians, how big is 8 inches, will it fit my work with spirits?

8 inches is fine, most of the pre-made mirrors don’t come much bigger than that. You usually have to make one if you want a 12 inch mirror. But the size you want is plenty big enough.

Dr John Dee, who created (channelled? Delivered? I’m not sure what word is best) the Enochian system used a smallish mirror, I’ve seen it in the British Mudseum a few times and it certainly wasn’t 12 inches.

His crystal ball is barely larger than a golfball, I was quite surprised by that because photos don’t give an accurate impression, so perhaps you can figure out what I’m talking about, based on that, from this image (not mine btw, this is the original source):

Imagine that crystal ball at the front as around the size of a golfball and that will give you some odea of the scale of the obsidian mirror at the back.

And the Doc did just fine with his evocations and other work! :slight_smile:

I’ll go for size 6 obsidian mirror. I think it will be cool.