Crossroads rituals

Hello all , i have background regarding the research of crossroad rituals both on this forum and other forums and website related to it. However i still do need and want the most of the information i could possibly get .
So if anyone knows any information or has any knowledge regarding crossroad rituals do share it with me, thank you very much in advance.

I already had some dreams regarding crossroad rituals connected to fairies , so i am planing on performing it, but all on its time. I am looking to perform it in perfect way that is why i need and want all the information i could possibly get on this. Thanks.

Crossroads are an inherent source of magical power in a number of paradigms and praxes for a number of different kinds of workings. If you’re willing to provide more specificity about what you want to get done, chances are someone can provide you with information you’d find more useful.

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I wish to achieve contact of physical conversation with Spirit and continue then to work with the specific Spirit on Wealth subject. Crossroad i have in mind at the moment is pretty isolate area, not to isolate , let just say from 11 at night up to 1 at night , there is little traffic (like 4-5 cars pass) in total of those 2 hours.