Crossroads Ritual Is This intersection suitable?

finally after a long search I feel that I found the right crossroads it’s a bit away from my house it’s in one meadow please don’t tell me that this crossroad is useless…it is the earth people go here often during the day it has its energy.I honestly don’t see the only reason why this crossroads could not work as I heard so people did this ritual and other things at the crossroads that were terrible.!
In those photos it may not be really visible but this crossroad is in the shape of a four way intersection cross


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Yeah that’s a cross road… I guess.
I mean, people sometimes pave their own cross roads. So I think this one can be considered one.


The crossroads is more of a concept than a set place. Usually, when people refer to the crossroads, they mean reaching mental state where they are able to commune with a spirit in the astral.

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It is the perfect crossroads for you. The paths clearly cross and it’s got some tree coverage. I’ll sometimes just use any intersection, at night of course lol


for our Afro-Cuban tradition, a crossroads are two paths that cross, it does not matter if it is natural or it is asphalt, what is important is the amount of energy that circulates there, remember also that everything will depend on the intention with which you load your spells

continue with what your mind dictates and it will be fine if you think so


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Each “line” corresponds or is near to the direction for one of the four Elements, so yeah, a good crossroad indeed.

I want to Do crossroads ritual meeting With crossroads Spirit learn a skill

Unless it’s leaving X object at the crossroads.

To an extent, certainly. Though I’d argue that it’s still the spiritual/energetic relevance of the cross roads that matters, rather than the physical place. So you could create a crossroads anywhere you like.