Creature with eye as a head

Two days ago I had a dream where a creature with an eye as a head was taking to me. He sad that I have to reveal my true name to him. The first two tries what my real name was were wrong because I coundn’t understand the whole situation. The third time he looked at me seriously und then I woke up. It didn’t feel like nightmare, more like a advice that I should do something.
Has anyone heard of this?

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Why would he ask you to reveal your true name to him?
True name is not something that you can give away so easily, it is a term that is precious only to YOU.
True names are never meant to be shared as it is said that when the name is said, a certain type of control is held upon you or something along the lines.

Make sure you check your surroundings properly, looks like you were dealing with a parasite and you may want to perform a cleansing in your room or the whole building for negative energies to disappear completely.

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A true name is a pretty flimsy concept but either way not worth giving it to someone or something you don’t know.


Besides the Wrathful Gods of Azerate know your true name allready @NeutralDL

Give him a bs name like Mister Mxyzptlk if ur Lucid… That would be amusing. Most of the time in dreams entities already know your name…This peeks my interest, especially with an eyeball as a head…Did it have a body???Can u describe more of it?

He had a humanoid brown slender body but when I had this dream I stood before him and next to him was a wall full of tendrils ( I think). It was so disturbing and interesting at the same time. I felt no fear or negative feelings, just pure facination.

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Can you please explain what/who this wrathful gods are?

I would first make sure it was a legitimate entity and not a dream or a astral parasite.


This seems very interesting…He almost has a sort of modern Lovecraftian feel to it. The wall covered in tendrils sounds very interesting…What was the rest of the environment like?

I wonder if u met something from a parrallel Earth or something. I’m not throwing out the parasite idea, but never came across anything like what u describe. Were it just a dream it’s an extremely interesting one. Of course, why would a parasite ask u for ur true name? Most I’ve come across will try to frighten u , exploit sleep paralysis (espcially if u have an underlying sleep disorder), and siphon and milk u from what fear u felt…So i dunno

And then, the creature assumes u know your real name (which most dont) which is equally intriguing.

I am new to those kind of things and it just felt so real and when it spoke to me, everytime when I said my name, i became unconscious but no in a bad way. As if it wants me to think hard about it. I said my own name twice but it was eager to find out my true name, i know it sounds crazy but thats all I know.

The rest of the environment was deep black just the wall with the tendrils and this thing with the eye as a head.

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