Creative Way To Place A Curse

I’m sure someone else has done this before, maybe they just haven’t told anyone about it publicly but with the help of 3 spirits I got creative and made a curse into a sort of song. Not an actual song but me speaking with dark music behind it. There is gibberish in the background that cannot be understand but it is real language that pertains to the curse. I did this a while back but was waiting to see the results unfold.

I sent this to the recipient in an email because she is atheist, I knew she would say “what a dumb bitch, curses are not real” and then listen to it anyway hoping to find something in it she could use to make fun of me or prove me wrong about magick. She listened. She has gained a lot of weight, over 50 pounds, she quit her job and now refuses to work. She insisted on being a stay at home wife, but her hubby cannot pay the bills and rent by himself without her working so they ended up homeless and living in their van.

Also, they have been trying to have a child together but her hubby recently found out he has a problem with his nutsac and is now sterile. Trust me, these two do not need kids together! She already had 2 kids of her own and they were taken from her by the CPS a few years ago. I’d rather not discuss details but if you knew what all she did to me, you would agree that she deserved this. I also wanted to see if cursing someone thru a song was possible. I was shocked when I started to see results. But she is a pest and will not stop stalking me and posting threats online and spreading false rumors, so this was a way to set me free from her.

I wonder if this would still be effective if I ever have to make another song for someone else in the future but can’t figure out a way to get them to hear it? Has anyone here tried this, or any creative and inventive ways to curse someone? I’d be interested to hear your stories.

BEFORE YOU CONTINUE: The following video will not harm you. It has been charged and empowered to ONLY harm the target. So no worries, it’s safe for you to watch.

This link was copied from my desktop not my ipad, so it should work just fine but here’s an extended link if needed.

And I know that some may not agree with this being a real thing, but it worked for me because my intent against her was so strong. Lots of emotion went into this recording. I just wanted opinions on what you think about this idea. Does the recording sound creepy, psychotic, or like I’m overdoing it? I want recordings like this to creep the target out and really get them thinking about it, not make them laugh at my stupidity. Hopefully I won’t ever have to do this to someone again.

This method is too much extra work if just trying to get someone to stop trolling you or pestering you, but this particular girl brings out all my anger and it was worth the time I put into it.

Sending or putting an object around someone is typically a Voodoo technique, where the person needs to know what the symbolism is or it wint work. So that was a good modern one. The Norse had thejr Niddstangh version. A horses head mounted on a pole with curse runes carved in it. What makes it effective is they understand what it is at least on a symbolic level.

As for me cursing; I dont waste my time with tricks…i just use pure power and force.

Yes! :slight_smile:

All spells that use language go better with music added, and this isn’t just stuff I plucked from thin air - the earliest prayers that cross over into being basically spells seem to have been set to music, and use of music in magick goes back to the earliest civilisations.

You can probably remember advertising jingles and TV themes from childhood, when things people said to you in normal speech at the same age are long forgotten. Music carries things deeply into our minds, and had enormous power.

Sounds like one kick-ass bit of cursing as well! :slight_smile:

That’s kind of what I was going for. I recently watched a Tv show that was of course banned from cable Tv and later picked up by Netflix since Netflix seems to be operated by people who enjoy adding controversial shows for us to watch. One episode was about memorization and how music and jingles are far more effectively remembered by us.

They did experiments with the viewers asking us to play along. They spoke a series of short numbers like 2569 and 165 and said remember these at the end of the show and they also asked people on the show to do the same. Only a very small percentage of people could rememember the numbers even though they kept flashing the numbers in random places all throughout the episode to help us remember, like building numbers Suite #2569 and $1.65.

Then they gave us a jingle to remember and almost everyone was able to recall at least half or more of it. And I also did that experiment with turning E.A’s chants into a song. I tried to remember those from the page they were written on but kept mixing up lines from one incantation and adding it to the other one. So after watching that tv show, I made those chants into song and within 2 days or so I remembered them and can recall them any time I need by singing the words to myself.

So I thought if I added music to this, when bad stuff starts happening she would instantly recall this recording and think wait, she sent me a musical chant about a curse, could this have really been her? A way to force her to recall it without having to get a spirit involved to place dreams or thoughts in her mind to make her associate the events with the chant. She is atheist as they come so she wouldn’t dare admit any of her feelings to me, but I checked on her from a dummy account and she has not posted online since 3 days after I mailed this to her.