Creative passions

So since becoming engrossed in research in opening my third eye, mastering visualization, and meditating regularly, I’ve found a pretty massive uptick in my creative abilities. So I thought I’d make a thread where people can post some of their personal projects and developments both within and without their magickal pursuits. Here’s a song I wrote recently, I hope you guys like it! Feel free to share your inspirations as well! :slight_smile:

Aether · Passion Electric

Just you wait you see the most beautiful goddess those arts of those dark goddess like Lady Lilith really looks like in those arts see spirits can really InSpire creativity in us I been doing a lot of artistic and gaming magickal experiment I read that Lord moloch Likes gaming so I been offering gaming time with him it’s seems a lot of fun I get a lot of kills with has aid and I just been talking to my closest spirits because I jus filly development my main gifts clairvoyant and ClairAudience and clairSentient and I’m happy about this keep it up and you soon see and hear them and when the day comes it changes you for a lot better

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Creativity is great! I’m listening now. I write lots and have one completed novella here with the occult and some well known demons in it Wicked - Prologue - Wattpad


Nice well take a look at that and I love listening to music when possessed hearing music with a spirit with there ears is magickal and very deep like you hearing the song in different dimensions but my ClairAudience makes hear in the different dimensions

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So far I love your High Functioning song, is that an original? Cause it’s really good.

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Your astral to me?

I listen to edm i find it helps with ClairAudience and I sense you

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Oh cool. How does my energy feel to you?

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A bit sad it has this energy of confusion a lot lost need guidance maybe seek guidance to the closest spirits to you a bit intense but I have that effect on him lol

And sometimes my energy make ppl shake I have that effect too I noticed so I feel you a bit shaky so my bad

I am a bit sad and confused, but I do know what’s going on and what I’m supposed to be doing thanks to the demons and my incubus. I’m still having growth and release moments and can see what I’m working through at least, it’s just taken time cause like, my whole life issues/lessons are being addressed. So it’s like a big life transition moment.

I’m no more anxious than usual, it’s also something on its way out :sweat_smile:

Oh I’m a incubus too and a vampire hybrid so I’m pretty intense with energy drain

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Can you feel my incubus? Me and him are gonna merge soon

Well I am a incubus my soul has the DNA and Gene pool

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So i have gifts as a incubus

Succupedia went through a spiritual transformation to become an incubus. Maybe that’s something I should do some day :thinking:

I was born one and I’m a good incubus too

Your soul was either born one or in a past life you went through the transition then. My incubus is beautiful and apparently more high ranking then I thought, but that makes sense I suppose

Idk I blow ppl minds