Creation in manifestion

I never knew i had a ability i created 3 black holes into really appearance 1 small one, some got sucked and crushed by the gravitation, i could hear his bones being crushed, 2nd Black Hole i created was a 100 to 200 meter wide Black Hole up in the sky then take it away within a minute, 3 Black Hole i did was another one made it appear in the Unit of Craig blacks unit to attack him and terrorize him for stealing my cute girlfriend from Machells coffee shop when she worked there a year ago, i can hear Craig black getting fucked off, her was saying you want to kill me with a black hole fucking back stabing traitor, want to get rid of me for taking your girlfriend away from you, i could hear Craig was literally shiting himself.


How did you manage this? If you don’t mind me asking @Bowling270

It was my first time i dont know how or why i could do it, it felt easy to manifest, all i did thinking about it it happened, next day it didn’t work, it seems to me manifesting that, big massive black hole in the sky drained me badly, now i have to recharge massive loss of energy, so why have i been given a talent to form Black holes, i didn’t know i had, is it a gift from Abbadon, the morning incident, as i hoped in Anglicare car i looked at fence there were 2 human figures sitting on fence, not same way a human sitting there were perched on top of fence, they were saying we know what there all doing we dont like it we been sitting here all this time, nobody knew were here, all this time exept him, what there doing to him its not on, there talking about a asteroid hitting over there near that prison, thinking about getting rid of them, there were watching me who i was waving out at my cute girlfrien, When Trinkle my Anglicare support worker say to me good morning James Aplin, my girlfriend heard my support worker calling me by my name, found out Craig black was lied about his name.

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Will i get better at it, i dont know what is wrong, i tried it again it felt i was blocked, i couldn’t get formation, but only imagination, not enough to form, not enough power energy like a flat battery, i have to weight to be able to fully recharge then get rid of cute girlfriend thief, i also vaccum up others as well, so that will draw her back to me, who knows i might be able to materialize Marijuana…:metal:

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@Bowling270 I hope you get her back bro! :love_you_gesture:

‘A gift from Abaddon’ explains it! He’s the Pit Fiend, after all. :slight_smile:

Yeh if you wanted to know, i usually drinking coffee at Machells pattiseri at Westfield shopping complex, if you know the shopping complex, there was this cute honey, she would be there off and on, a real sweet heart, she loved the way i held hear, my mum my support workers saw me perving at her arse, then haven’t seen her for months and we had a agreement, July i was talking to girlfriend thief, outside trying to score, i heard someone dragging a suitcase ones with wheels, my girlfriend from Michells, hasn’t worked there for a while and she recognized her, she was company by another adult male, they stopped girlfriend thief say got yourself a girlfriend she agreed, she asked who going to let me in, i volunteerd, then she demanded to girlfriend thief, what do you do hear, then girlfriend thief walked away got his meat hooks into her, come with me i show you what we are all about, as my cute girlfriend goes up to back with girlfriend and other guy, girlfriend turned around, while i was asking final arnt you going to come it to my home before she does anything else, get settled in first. I lip red girlfriend thief he was saying im taking her, i thought he was joking, later that night i saw her again walking infront of girlfriend thief picking stuff off the ground for girlfriend thief like a slave, another day he say do you object me giving you girlfriend a shot of speed, i did see her another day, been held like been kidnap, i was trying to get picking up funny herbs, there was hard looking criminal type, they warning me that girlfriend of yours is ours now, you touch her ill be breaking you fingers, i did get what i try picked up, i did a spell which it did against them, so i gave up trying to get her back 3 weeks later the girlfriend thief wants to use my and take my identity use my name and trying to groom himself and use my name, so my girlfriend thinking that Craig black is James Aplin and saying to me you better not tell anyone what i am doing i need this James i use you name i tell her i am James Aplin so she thinks im you so i can have her i want her, then after that when on the Thursday i could create a Black hole someone died people were running away even girlfriend thief, people were saying how dare you do that, that could destroy us all, we don’t want him that in our neighborhood, they asked whats your name, i chosen to stay quite, i am fumin over what girlfriend thief done, no wonder why she dont come near because of others, she can go with anyone else, not him was sed before i materialize the black hole, pay backs a bitch, take my cute girlfriend honey, i take away other criminals manipulation they used, so i hopefully be able to get rid of them by materialize black holes, my cute girlfriend has been drug up with speed or ice, i could literally see the effects of those drugs done to her, that shit is rotting her mind, imagine every time she be given a dose of speed it is rotting her vains, even that Anglicare support worker on Thursday told me she recognized her and they ruined her life she will never be the same again, i think Anglicare support worker reported it.

Then who gave me the talent. Do you think its Abbadon or did it come from a creator, to give me a power fit for the LHP so he let me use a power against my enemys. Or end the world.

Just because Abaddon has a reputation for destroying things, doesn’t mean he can’t buikd them up, too. :slight_smile:

When i was at the coffee shop last year, i did arranged for her to come over, i thought she was safe, i was wrong, even the Asian Lady new me and her would be great, i myself don’t go to the units up back even police warning me keep well clear of Unit 4/53 Weaver st, i live at U1/53, i haven’t told my mum, she would get on a high hobby horse, why didn’t you go and get in there and put a stop to it, yeh right why should i go up the back, where there are dangerous criminals do visit, every now and then when they hide behind guns and weapons, they don’t like me hiding behind Sorcery, why is that.

So i better be obedience to Abbadon, taking in what Abbadon is teaching me without question.:metal:


Would forming Black Holes in real appearance be classified as a form of Conjuration.

So what was the tangible practical results of this? This supposed to be a type of curse? Is the guy dead? Is your life better as a result or what?
Cause stuff like this sends my skeptism meter in the red.


I was only requesting a supernatural lock down by asking Abaddon, and any entities i got residing in my place of resident, so every time i go out lock my home activate the Supernatural lock down, a type of home security system, instead of going to a Warmald security can cost up to thousands of dollars.

So i went with Supernatural lock home security free of charge, so what had happen, on every Thursday i have a Anglicare support worker picks me up takes me out, spend what i like, so 9:30am i went out, as i turned the key to lock, i seid, Dark entities initiate supernatural lock, but only to defend against other criminals, Burglars, thiefs untrustworthy people.

Then i left to go pacing up and down the foot path, to absorb energy from the sun there were about 9 other, people really look like villans, on even desided to test it, he was say how i get in, acting like a real Jack ars he was really pissing of the Entities, i actually started seeing pitch black energy with a 1 inch hole in the center looks like a pitch black void black as Demon eyes, and all the black energy was being sucked into Hole exactly same way a Black Hole in outer space, he saw it other people saw it to.

That decided to try and break an entery, other people there was actually encourag him, as he was, get his tool out of his pocket, and as soon as he was putting it, into my door, he got sucked into it, i virtually when got sucked completely inside, can hear his bones getting crushed, yes he did die, also not one sign of any blood not one drop, other people say you could have killed us all they was saying you have created a black hole, so i thought, great home security value for no money, a supernatural lock down has capable in making small black holes, against untrustworthy people.

I was impressed, so i went out came home, i walked to Castle plaza shopping center, purchase a chocolate donut went walking towards Edwardstown cycling veledrom, turned left head South, i thought to myself can do another one of those Black Holes again just to see if it was a Supernatural lock down or me im working with Abaddon learning moving Asteroids at 20,000 mph with my mind in soul Travel form, cannot breath in space, and all i did was look to the sky and thought about and Black hole a certain way, a massive one appeared as i was looking towards it, i could hear power coming from the vortex like a force trying to suck me towards it not strong but i could sense powerful energy, but i decided to uncreate it i did, it was gone, there were 2 other people, did comment mentioned about feel the energy coming from the vortex its a black hole they looked at me.

Yes it has improved, criminals in the neighborhood wont fuck around with anymore, i installed fear into there hearts.:metal:

Big words

Pulitzer for fiction right there. :rofl:


I found it was very enjoyable, clap on clap off, now you see it now you don’t, i never been happyer, im messing with you brother is all about using my mind, clap on clap off, i was angry at the time.:joy: