Creating Your Personal Sigil/Symbol/Seal of Self

At long last while walking around I was inspired to create my own seal or sigil of self. Long time in the making of developing it. It might evolve but it involves aspects of my birthdate zodiac, year, and some elements I am fond of. I don’t have a picture as it’s a WIP but it’ll get there as I work on it. Hell, it even has the Prometheus torch in it or perhaps the flame of truth from Lucifer since I did have that dream.

Creating it uncluttered will take some work as I am a terrible artist but it’s sonething to work on.

I was uncertain if others have done similar things for themselves. If I finish I might even get a tatoo of it (might as I’m not fond of jewelers, tattoos, or piercings). It’s at least something to focus on.


My sigil is based on my magical name only.


I have for various reasons. Pretty cool idea.

Weird my reply just turned into “well…”

Sheesh. Lost train of thought? I don’t recall.