Creating The Chakras Potently

I originaly posted this Meditation on my last post named “How to unmerge with other people” but i really thought that this specific Meditation needed to be posted as its own post because this subject is one that i believe that you cant really find it somewhere this potently and for free.

to not put it cut and dry i would like to expand a little the knowladge and awareness of this exercise.

What Are the Chakras?

The chakras are complex structure manifesting in this world having links with the spiritual wolrds ,each chakra is as an illustration and aspect of the soul as the formless power of the kether descends to this world and round of malkuth to manifest it has to be altered and changed to be manifested.

The chakras the portals but aslo the blocks in spiritual ascend one of the most misconception is that you need to work for them in my ascend i had found that this not the case but of course you need to work for them in one point but work to make them work for you.

Each Chakra has specific characteristics like confidence,love etc but those are little to the true power of those Spiritual Vitalities and centers of power.

For many reasons like Severe spiritual parasitic infections,destruction energy fuck ups or unprepared merging the chakras can be destroyed or dysfunctional severely that they cannot be fully healed to this point many experts ,reiki masters and energy masters will offer you their service there many stories that many of them are scanner or not being that "expert " that made themselves to be.

I offer you this meditation that can create the chakras all by yourself,you need to trust yourself in this proccess becuase if you dont put your thoughts in a right place you can fuck yourself up.

Potent Chakra Creation

Enter the trance state of nothingness and say

“OhGnitzol’Chluz Vlasta’mus”

as you are now into the void let yourself to be dissloved focus on the intent for the chakras to dissolve and Vibrate Slowly and observingly


carefuly come back to your place you have to be Fully blank to that point
breath the breath of the celetial heavens and vibrate “Kether”
and see the Light of the universe coming into you descending through all the sephiras and realities into here say

“Take me into the kingdoms of soul
Take me into the creation of the heavenly portals
of the Atman to enter and solidify In the Malkuth for the
Enlightment i Achieve”

and now simply feel your new chakras coming feel on your root a new chakra stornger coming back feel the quentities of each chakra coming back

  • Root : Connection to earth,Perception Safeness Survival
  • Sacral : Connection intot others Feelings,Sex Lust
  • Solar : Power,healthy ego Confidence.
  • Heart : Love,Emotional connection,meaning,worth Family.
  • Throat : Authority,Indentiy Truth
  • Ajna : Knowladge Wisdom,self knowladge & work
  • Crown : Primoridal connection with the true self and universe and the eye to the spiritual worlds.

Once the basic Features like colours and mentalities are back vibrate the sounds of the primmordial universe into the microcosm these are the seven Bija Mantras who have lots of uknown uses and secrets in them.

  • Root : Lam
  • Sacral : Vam
  • Solar : Sol or Ram
  • Heart : Yam
  • Throat : Ham
  • Ajna : Om
  • Crown : Om & Silence.

and then say this incantacion that brings down the energies of the universe when alligning the chakras

“Veltra sahnn siah vlek sun tsun’san vleksan Kether
Vlatrus on’beltra ra”

then into each chakra feeling changed into atomic levels that is inderscrible.

Then simply meditate on them lengthy and if needed repeat.

Theres lots of things to say about that deep chakra / soul work that i may do an another post someday but if you have questions i am happy to awnser them.




you can recreate a chakra system?


yes thats simply the allignment proccess which you simply connect the pathways of the chakra creating a nadi.

The incantacion

basically does this for you calls the powers of creation and of the universe to aid you in your creation but only more powerful and primordial.

The Kundalini can be raised afterwards from the root chakra but you simply think of it as you create your root chakra you can even simply vibrate “Umuz” as you do which plants the seed of the serpent in you which is the spiritual potential,ascend etc.

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I may have missed what this was used for. Is this for rebinding someone who had their Chakras removed? Is this used for a reboot of the system, severing ties and starting fresh? Daily maintenance?

This feels similar to some of the Chakra work I try to do at least once a week but I’ve never tried that phrase. Where does it come from? Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

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this is for starting fresh and more connected it is for people
that been severely destroyed by curses,parasites so much that their chakras cannot fully recover this thread contains all knowladge that you need for starting truly fresh but more powerful or by the will of someone to start anew.

Interesting. This seems like a great practice during major life events. Have you tried working with someone using this method? It seems very self initialized but I can imagine a few ways to implement another pair of hands.