Creating servitors

So I am new to all this and I am trying to make a servitor. What I’m wondering is if it is possible to make a servitor to help you make them. I’m not advanced enough to do this but if there was someone who could. My thought being that who better to teach how to make and take care of them than one of them. Am I over reaching?

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Yes it’s possible, and servitor creation isn’t advanced.

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No, you’re not over reaching at all. Just follow the steps in the link posted above, it’s a simple and easy way to create a servitor.

I created one to help reconcile with someone that was stubborn & resisted the work I did with spirits. I was drawn to creating a servitor and used two spirits for mind manipulation and influence to help me and as a result, the person and I are speaking again and working on our coparenting relationship.

I’m sure if you follow the steps in the tutorial and create your own, you’ll see results and improvement as well.

Good luck to you. :bouquet:


Thank you for your responses. They are very helpful. Thank you again


Remember to set a time of death for your servitor. After some time they can get to be aggressive… Better safe then sorry


They become aggressive or do they eat away/drain lot of energy?

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Both poltergeist as well as vampire assets. Servitors can get to be dangerous and deadly elder and stronger they get. That’s why is needed a clear time of death too.

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Thank you man Rav.

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:sun_with_face: you’re welcome!


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Only if they are not properly constructed or given shoddy energy sources, or there isn’t a dormancy line in the programming etc. There’s a few shoddy tutorials around here that I’d avoid, but if you actually look into any of the mainstream occult authors and their servitors- most use the same servitor for years just like I do, as they also find it grows stronger and better at manifesting it’s tasks the more you use it.

If it’s got sufficient energy, tasks and programming there is no chance that will happen, and a death date is just ridiculous.


But can servitors be advanced? What can be the traits of a advanced servitor?

anything any spirit or magic can do, a servitor can also learn to do. If you take a look at the few I’ve given to the forum for free, through contest and the like, you might begin to see the options are literally endless. I’d link you to others I’ve made to get a rough idea of some of the ones I’ve created but it would break rules so. If you use your imagination and dig around on here, you can see quite a few things they are able to do that would fall into the advanced category.

@DarkestKnight comments briefly in his journal, about using one of my personal servitors Bling to find a roommate, and I use the same servitor to procure the right buyers for my shop on a regular basis so.

Open the box and let it flow, most things can be done. I get ridiculous ideas in my inbox sometimes, and I even sometimes create servitors for things I don’t think will succeed without a lot of dedication and work on the summoners part- but for the most part, if it’s realistically accomplishable with magic, it’s realistic to create a servitor that can do it for you.


One more question
Should I create servitor for only one purpose? Like a servitor for warding but also to help with curses or just one purpose is much better?
And let’s say I created a servitor to manifest things to me so can it be used to manifest anything? Like manifesting luck, money, success, love…etc. All just by him Or should I create a specific servitor for one specific purpose like creating different servitors for different goals.
I know it sounds like a dumb question but anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

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You should do whatever feels the most effective to you, however. I have found that servitors are better at their tasks when they are more specific categories than when they are for everything and the kitchen sink.

I use a different servitor for warding (Luna) than I do for finding buyers. If I was doing love or lust magic, I’d create a new servitor, if I wanted a servitor to help me with projection, I’d use another one. The reason is the more they are tasked with similar things, the faster they learn how to do those things. It doesn’t need to be a single task- Luna banishes, absorbs negative energy and wards as a quick list to her skills and does all of her tasks phenomenally, but servitors that I’ve created for general tasking in all categories, do not deliver as consistently or as effectively for me.

It may be something I do not do, like I don’t have tons of experience with certain types of magic, so the servitor can’t learn those things from me- they have to learn them on their own, so maybe I should have sent them to learn from 20 different entities and they’d deliver better faster. But as it is, the more general servitors have to learn as they go, so if it’s vastly different- it takes time for them to become effective at all of the different things.

I’ve made servitors for all of these categories for people that did well, but like I said the more closely the tasks are to the same type of magic the better they’ve performed out of the box. For example I have one that is to reduce the negative thoughts of the summoner and increase the lustiness in his wife.

It does a slam dunking job of reducing his negative thoughts, and an awful job of enticing his wife to fck him more. It’s gotten better at both as time has past, but the first three months or so, we weren’t sure it would deliver on the second half of it’s tasks.

I’ve also found how I word what the task is, effects the outcome greatly. If I want sales fast, I give a date and an amount I want to make by then. If I want it spread out, I simply task the servitor to find buyers up to a certain amount etc. So I always advise using loose statements, tell it what you want, not how to get it and send it off to do so. How they manage it doesn’t matter, as long as they manage it.

I need 1 sale every three days versus I need to see $500 in sales

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Uh-huh… they can’t learn things which you don’t know yourself but can they from your sub-conscious mind or maybe higher self?

And if I program one that they can think in their own free will but be loyal to be then…, are they eregores or servitors?!

Also my almost every servitor work explictly active so maybe I should give them a day off :sweat_smile: anyway-
So they are always involved and therefore maybe don’t have to give tasks I hope, so like that by being always involved they always keep learning and improving right?
Should I only send my servitors to whom I’ve a good relationship with? (for learning from spirits) or doesn’t matter and should probably set time span too on how long they will train them and then return them to me :thinking:

It sounds like you have a lot of things to figure out for yourself and your operations :slight_smile: Good luck with that.

nah, I was just trying to confirm myself :joy:

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Servitors? Basically spiritual thought slaves then?

More like spirits you create, that can’t break whatever rules you give them, but I suppose those words work too.

I swear if you’re using them like slaves you’re missing the boat and should do more research, but that’s just me.

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