Creating Servitors with the help of Demons

So I’m currently in the process of creating a few servitors and I had a couple questions.
After reading through a few other posts about the topic I decided it’s better to make separate servitors instead of one super servitor, plus I think it’s easier for me to keep track of them and the tasks that way. I also want to ask different demons to empower each one. So this is where my first question comes in.

In calling the demon to empower and aid in creating/charging the servitor, would that essentially be me asking them to imbue the servitor with the powers and skills they have? For instance, my first servitor I was planning on calling in King Paimon and Orias for mind control and compulsion because I read that they have those powers. I just wanna be sure that I’m not overdoing it by calling in specific demons for specific powers if I can just ask any demon to help me in creating the servitor for that purpose even if its not their “specialty” so to speak.

That brings me to my next question. Am I overdoing it by asking multiple demons for the same power for one servitor, should I just choose one and go with that or does it have any sort of impact on the servitor and how it functions?
I have another servitor planned, and i was planning on working with Marbas (Healing, knowledge of diseases and their cures), Buer (bring speedy healing & recovery from disease/illness/injury, ease mental suffering, transformation via thought, rectify addiction or bad behaviors), and Haagenti (let go of stubborn habits, change personality, remove fear/doubts regarding potential, give true insight into what you can achieve, alchemical transformation). While the powers are similar they’re not exactly the same, so I guess that question can apply to this servitor as well. If I should just choose one, which one should i choose for each?

Next question. this one was a bit tricky for me. Without giving too much away, I wanted to create a servitor that could manipulate physical objects in an area that I cannot enter. this is important because my first thought was telekinesis, and the object just needed to be moved, and not by a far distance. another option is to change what the object says on it without having to actually move it. I wanted advice on this because I’m not sure which option is best. If I went with telekinesis I thought maybe Furcas as he can increase psychic abilities and if I’m not mistaken telekinesis falls under that. If I went with changing what the object says, I thought Haagenti would work well with that, as he has the power of transformation, which then eliminates the need for this specific servitor as he’s already imbued that power within a different servitor.

Final question. My understanding, correct me if I’m wrong, is you can send out servitors to complete tasks immediately after creating them, but they also are learning as they go so they can work smarter, not harder essentially. I was wondering if it would be a good idea to work with demons such as Asmodai (develop a personal ability to a previously unattainable level), Vine (improve ability to work with all forms of magick), Vapula (enable a period of practice that will rapidly make you an expert in any area of study), and Andrealphus (improve ability to retain knowledge and use it appropriately) to aid them with the skills and powers they were given, or if it’s futile and I should let them learn on their own. If it would be helpful, this also circles back to my second question of asking multiple demons for the same purpose.

Sorry if this was a lot, I just really wanna try to cover all bases here and make this as efficient as possible. Thanks in advance! :black_heart: