Creating Servitors On a Advanced Level

I been Asked by an indivitual on the forum on how to make a servitor and i replied
to him that i was gonna make a post publically for this becuase, it is a huge topic
with many debates,techiques and more.

What Are Servitors?

Servitors are mainly described as mental beings that were created by the mind of a man,mainly they are a circle of thoughts that take action but the can get very progressive like having their own conciousness,great missions and even be their own being spiritualy truly creating a soul.

i myself master the art of creating spirits and not just thoughtforms,servitors or egregores which i cant see much of a difference between these three,the common thing is that they are created to serve a purpose again being a circle of action automatically.

things like that pushed into their highest deegre literally creating souls and gods by the creative potential of the human mind or godform,creating a god is shining a ray of Anami Lok the god planes.

Damn Do I got too far about this topic :laughing:

long story short ,servitors are focused ementations of circle thoughts with intentions.

Servitor Creation

This Simple Method to create Mental Servitors,egregores etc

since we understand what they are its aslo importand to understand how they work and operate again they work in a circle structure,putting attention makes them more powerful in your own mind realm which is really your own mind,thoughts and beliefs.

your mind can manifest anything on this world with focused intention and thoughts same thing with servitors as they are like automatic in you.

now lets get in the creation

meditate go into a deep theta gamma sync,remember having CLEAR mind without thinking what are you doing will have incredible results as you now are there vibrate


which is word that can open and realise the one’s own mind realm explained above clearing the mind to a blank canvas state.

with simple intention of a servitor that can do this and that,to this point you command it you create it as you are thinking about it but only about it focused on the objective,as it gets its power and mission see the end result this will help the servitor to have a goal and simply inject that.

This a simple but very potent way to create some but as i promised an advaced guide i will expand it.

Evolving the Servitor

they can be killed if you desire it,you can share it but only through their evolution which is really their progress.

to share simply get its energetic current and put in the universal mental plane that everyone is,simply carry it while focusing on the mental plane.

Killing and destroying a servitor

assuming that you did not sharing and you are not happy with your results in this case puting an intention of destruction while meditating on the nothingness of the mind and observing the forgetfulness of the servitor will result on the fading which is the death of it.

even if you do share it on the universal plane you can still destroy it,they cannot be that advanced in the first hand that you created it this means that they dont have that authority or importance on the planes it just is a lurking being.

simply call the forces of destructin by intention or say something like

“I call the forces of reversed creation,Destruction I call thee
into me i give the mission of destroying the servitor that i created,that i no longer desire its creation,i evoke its destruction.”

Creating a Name & Sigil

this is the next step of evolution and sharing,indivitialisation of the servitor
having a name and a sigil can give the ability for others to call this being.

focus on your magical imagination focus on the intention of giving that servitor a name and simply be open to recieve it,excact thing with the sigil part.

I think that this pretty much it,i am open to expand this topic with your questions that i am happy to awnser.




Great topic, nice writeup. Adding this to my works👍


I mostly create my Servitors the similar way although I don’t believe they create or develop a soul unless the creator fragments their own and lets that fragment develop grow and develop into its own soul thus giving that servitor it’s own life. Of course they can also add restrictions or none at all.


Nice work.

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Can you explain this a bit further? What I’m asking is that does it help you get into a deep TGS or is this to be done after you enter the TGS? Thanks


The Mantra serves as an opener to your own mind realm sort of opening the creative potential of the mind like a canvas.

it does not help you with TGS but i believe that mantra can be used in other mental works like reprogramming etc.

and it is done after TGS.


Thank you for taking the time to post about this @Xag_darklight, it’s very informative and useful.

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Glad it Helps :slightly_smiling_face:

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