Creating illusions

Hey, I was wondering if anyone had any information on creating physical illusions and hallucinations in people to the point where they’ll see anything you want them to see.

I’ve found that the fakir’s are claimed to use this ability through the use of telepathic hypnosis and influence but was wondering if anyone had any other clues on it.

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Derren Brown is good at misdirecting people, stuff like that, he could probably convince someone they saw something they didn’t - and creating false memories is actually quite easy, even in intelligent adults.

I can’t think of anything more conventionally magick that includes this, although the Jedi mind trick idea probably came from ancient mystical ideas. Being able to pass invisible through crowds etc., is also something that’s in enough folklore to be related, and again that probably comes from mental control over auric field/bodily energies.


My uncle Charles could seemingly make himself larger or smaller while just sitting or standing in front of you. My dad told me of some other things he had done I think he could incept dreams and I know first hand he was adept at telepathy. He worked for DuPont inventing things and from what I hear there are quite a few scientists that are into the occult . Now lady Eva is right about the Darren brown style illusion simply playing around with hypnotic suggestions and subconscious subliminals and the like which could be useful skills and actually originate from the occult as the original mystery schools of ancient Greece and Egypt taught all the skills of the mind including hypnosis the subconscious and basically science and spirituality and the human mind were all one interconnected wholistic study. Which is how the brain learns ( through association) and what our society has done is segment and compartmentalize the education system into subjects of study and this could be why we have problems with kids wanting to learn and getting bored to tears in class. Sorry this post became a rant.

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